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Comment Time for an ask Slashdot (Score 2) 441

I think it is time for an ask Slashdot. It appears that Firefox developers are going to ignore users requests to stop this numbering and release scheme. Which leaves a number of corporate and general web developers in a lurch.
I used to work for a web development company and it was always a pain to keep or get web-sites working with various versions of browsers.
With Chrome I would have told customers , "Hey, if it happens to works with Chrome that's just great, but we can't continually test against new versions of Chrome".
Now I work for a medium size company and we have limited the number of browsers our internal web interface will work with. Currently it is with Firefox. But now it appears that we are going to have to move away from Firefox. I hate to go back to IE but it appears that is where we are heading.
Sorry Firefox, but we can't just keep regression testing at your whim.

So maybe it is time for someone to ask, what is the recommended browser for corporate use?

Comment Re:No, they aren't. (Score 1) 599

If they want a high version number they can just make the next release version 100.
The reason chrome is not being adopted significantly in the enterprise is that it has this continual spin of version numbers.
I don't know what google is thinking, but as far as enterprise goes it is going to be difficult to adopt them also for.
So it appears that we are now back to IE.

Comment Re:Asa does not speak for all of us (Score 1) 555

I would also add that maybe it is a good time to start thinking about a different product line similar to RHEL and Ubuntu, where there is a version for business users and a version for corporate users. I'd also like to add that if you would like to see an example of my theory, you should look at OpenOffice, I run into people all the time who don't know about it. We have twice looked at trying to use OpenOffice but have not been able to because their development seems to be personal user centric and they don't seem to answer corporate usage issues.

Comment Re:Not just large sets of data (Score 1) 56

I agree with your accessment .
This was a long ambling caffienated rambling, about too much data to handle. To some degree I think it does a disservice when the author doesn't state up front in what context he prescribes for this data agglomeration. RDBMS is not going away anytime soon. There are too many people who are jumping on this as a hot topic and start speaking/thinking metaphorically about data, when they have very little information about true data and understanding of relationships.
It's kind of like learning mathematical integration without knowing how to add and multiply.
There are many , many applications where you need a distinct and verifiable/structured data source.

It would be nice if he went into maybe doing away with prescriptive schema that is MS Office.

Comment Re:This is (Score 1) 167

no announcing it to the world was smart. It is the first step in ending this crap.

It tells more people what the heck is going on.

Along with patent trolls there are copyright trolls and the first step to bringing it to an end is to start telling the general public about it. He has the lawyers. If he gets a bunch of patent trolls it will make for a bigger and better article the next time.

The ones who are trolling already know that companies such as Red Hat are fair game. It's not news to them. But apparently it is news to people like you.

So your answer is to stay in a dark corner and hope they don't find you? Once they have found you , the best course of action is to start telling people as loudly and as often as you can.

As for maximizing value, he has probably realized that they are continually opening up and sucking the companies blood. You can continue to bleed or look for help. The legal system is for shit in this situation, so you have to start looking for other solutions.

Comment A system Admin (Score 1) 480

Someone has already suggested Tannenbaum's book. "Computer Networks"

I worked for 3 years in a MS shop supporting MS systems for clients, I attended classes and earned my MSCE. All of the classes which I took for MS were centered around 'go to this menu' 'click this' 'entered this'. Yes I could set up networks, VPN's, servers, but I didn't really start learning the nuts and bolts until I started working for a company that supported Linux servers.

Once you understand the basics from Tannenbaum's book then you might go to 'Wireshark Network Analysis' by Laura Chappell.

If you have time go to 'Linux Firewalls' I used Ziegler's book, but there are a number of sources. On your network you may want to try and setup a muilti-homed linux system protecting a linux system. You can learn a lot about how a computer handles packets by setting up a server with iptables and adjusting it to allow certain packets or to allow only certain services. Also look at studying Computer security and security tools.

Switches, You should look for switches that will allow you to monitor ports on the switch. If you only have a 100 computers on your network they may not allow you to budget for a network analyst to come in and analyze your network if there is a problem.

Look for any tools, such as Snort or installing a computer which can tap into your internet traffic, that will give you a raw eye onto what is happening on the network. Nothing is worse than having a network problem with multiple computers on the network and being blind.

You will still get to use your programming skills, there are few programs which offer exactly what you want or need to monitor your network and your computer systems. Eventually once you know more about what you want, then you can take results from other programs and craft your own system with reporting tools.

To prepare you for this, imagine you have just been given a new position within the company where the previous programmer has left the company. You have an application which he has built up and put into production over the last five years. You are now in charge and there are no comments on the code. Your first ethernet card failure will be like your first bug. Same for switches. No one told you they could fail like that. Welcome to Hell.

Comment Re:What is arbitration? (Score 1) 415

I would tend to agree with this, but no one is saying that arbitration is absolutly binding.
I went to arbitration and really thought I was going to get screwed. A bunch of things happened with my first attorney, i didn't like and later found out there was a whole lot I didn't like about him. But arbitration had been settled upon and the other side had picked the arbitrator and I found out the other sides firm had used that arbitrator on several occassions. I thought I was royally screwed.
Arbitration doesn't mean you can't go to court, it means you are going to an arbitrator to reach a settlement. If you don't agree with the arbitrator you had better damn well have good cause to go to court, because a judge is not going to look to kindly on it.
But the arbitrator came in there and started spouting off stuff for the other atttorney about how much I deserved. My attorney just looked at him and said you want me to pull out the presedence for that, How about we can go over the actual law, I have it marked in that book right there. Because you don't have a legal leg to stand on and we will take this to court if you think we are going to agree to that. That happened 2 more times. My attorney told me that yeah it's really really bad if you go to a judge without a settlement. But it's really really bad for the other side if you can go to the judge and show that the arbitrator and the other opposing attorney were not respecting the law during the arbitration hearing. He told me I woudl probably get everything I wanted plus some if we went to court. In this case I would have wanted a complete third party audit of their books which I couldn't afford, but the court may have given me based on what was going on in the arbitration hearing. We found enough descrepancies in the book keeping at the hearing to make them not want to go to court. When it gets to a hearing it isn't like a financial audit, where you can say "oh yeah well let me go back and get that number for you. in a couple of days".
All I'm saying is that arbitration isn't a done deal, it isn't like they don't or can't respect the law and precedence. But as with court, it depends on who your lawyer is.

Comment Re:Wonderful, just wonderful (Score 1) 415

So it was the Republican party that pushed for the civil rights in the 60;s and lost the vote in the south.
Never knew that.
guess my history books had it all wrong about Johnson being a Democrat. And democrats controlling both the house and senate for most of the 60's.

Well at least i can blame the Republicans for Vietnam.

Comment Re:South Park (Score 1) 415

because having a wrecked car and lhaving a degenerative heart disease are completly different.

Since you have this all worked out and have simplistically figured it out, maybe you can tell us why health costs in the US are twice that per capita compared to UK and Canada.

Can you tell me why company A and company B pay $6000 per year/employee to the same medical insurance provider and company A has a $1000 deductible company B has $300 . Company A pays 5 times as much for lab tests. Company B has dental and medical for the same price. Company A doesn't reach full coverage until $125,000 whereas company B employee reaches it at $75,000? I can tell you why, Company B has 8 times as many employees..

The above is a real world example. So where do you think a person working for neither company A or company B, will be? Self employed, what do you think they get? I have never heard of one that paid $6000 per year.

So if they pass a national law that mandates health insurance, How many people do you think will find that there job just became a contract postion?

So which companies are more likely to deny you a procedure?

It's one thing if state farm says they aren't going to replace your alternator with a new one. You can stop and argue with them about that. But what if (Aetna, United Health, Blue Cross....) denies you a bone marrow transplant or a heart transplant. Which companies are doing this and how often? What if it's for your spouse or child? Do you know the insurance providers track record before you go to work for someone? Its so transparent, don't you think you should be able to find that answer. During a congressional hearing a CEO of an insurance company couldn't provide that information.

Auto insurance is not the same as Health Insurance.

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