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Comment Re:The Great Equalization Begins (Score 1) 284

The major issue is that companies are forcing their workers to take less pay, work longer hours and train themselves, use lower quality tools and base products to increase the profit margins and make the books look great for shareholders and potential takeovers. The end result, in time, will be more reluctance to produce quality output, more failures, more dependence on borrowing, more unrest and unemployment. Perhaps this will be when the standard income, working or not, will become feasible? All I can think of is Idiocracy and feeding my peace plants Brawndo.

Comment Upskilling not provided... (Score 1) 133

What seems more apparent is that companies aren't providing opportunities and support to upskill employees that have had their position made redundant and part thereof. I have personally seen this happen when the core part of an employees job was automated and instead of offering to teach them the skills to maintain and improve the automated process the company just decided to offer them a lower income manual job and then let them off when they showed an interest in skillng up. The money saved from automation should be used to improve employee skill sets to enable them to make further contributions to the company. The problem appears to be not automation but profits getting maximised to the detriment of company health, fat cats and bottom lines being compressed.

Comment Convince a government to use it??? (Score 1) 134

Surely you just say something like... Look the cost is in the staff who you already have, it's Open Source and sits on top of an Open Source application, it's free, the platform to host it is either free or low cost commodity, plenty of people use it already (proven technology), it'll look good that the government is investing time not necessarily money from tax payers and it's using Open Source and Open Standards, so you're not tied into some niche technology only supported by a select few large corporation that when things go wrong give you zero support or guarantees (contrary to the contract). That last one is just my rant from an experience I've had already when I failed to convince a company to use Open Source and things went south big time.

Comment Re:King Julian, of course (Score 1) 191

Could've just said me but ... "I did it! Give me some love! The plan worked! The plan worked! I'm very clever! I'm the one, baby! Come on, time to robot! (robotic voice) I am very clever king. Tok tok tok tok tok. I am super genius. I am robot king of the monkey thing. Compute, compute."

Comment Re:On loan??? (Score 1) 118

I too am quite surprised to hear that he had these things in his possession. I'm not thinking about the "stolen" label but more about the thought that everything that was in/on the "mission" would've been logged, tagged and bagged on arrival back on terrafirma. After all there were some pretty strict procedures in force around and during these "missions". Does anyone else think that this is a little odd? I've put quotes around the missions as I'm a believer that something isn't quite right about the whole lunar excursions.

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