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Submission + - Mandriva CEO: Employee lawsuits put us out of business (

Julie188 writes: As you probably heard by now, Linux company Mandriva has finally, officially gone out of business. The CEO has opened up, telling his side of the story. He blames employee lawsuits after a layoff in 2013, the French labor laws and the courts. "Those court decisions forced the company to announce bankruptcy," he said.

Submission + - The worst things about working at Twitter (

Julie188 writes: Just because Twitter's IPO turned many of its employees into (paper) millionaires, doesn't mean they don't have gripes about working there. Employees are frustrated in a number of ways, mostly because the company grew so fast in its pre-IPO days. They complain of politics, new employees added to teams with no clear role and (if you can believe it), one even complained of "unfair" pay.

Submission + - Why The Game-Changing Product From Cisco's Super-Secret Startup Is Delayed (

Julie188 writes: Cisco's secret "spin-in" startup Insieme Networks was supposed to have emerged with bang, not a whimper, last month. But the product it is working on was neither launched nor demoed at Cisco's big customer conference last month. Business Insider is reporting that the product, a new software-defined networking box, has been delayed because of trouble with the custom silicon. Cisco will be using off-the-shelf chips the same as other SDN products.

Submission + - Your iPhone Will Soon Detect Bad Breath (

Julie188 writes: "A tiny San Francisco startup, Adamant Technologies, is trying to give your iPhone a sense of smell and taste.. The company has created a computer chip that works with a bunch of tiny sensors to digitize these senses. The first app planned is a consumer device that plugs into an iPhone and detects bad breath. (That way, you'll always be the first, not the last, to know!)"

Submission + - Is HP right? Autonomy salesperson shares internal emails (

Julie188 writes: "You know how HP said it uncovered $5 billion worth of "improper" revenue at Autonomy? One thing HP has accused Autonomy of doing is booking software-as-a-service contracts as software licensing deals. So how might that type of accounting work? A former Autonomy salesperson fighting a legal battle with HP says she's seen it happen firsthand. She's shared internal Autonomy emails and documents that show the details of one deal."

Submission + - Facebook's Super Green Data Center Was Designed on a Napkin (

Julie188 writes: "Here's the actual napkin that shows the electrical design of Facebook's first super green data center, in Prineville, Ore. Facebook framed it. The story goes that Facebook data center designer, Jay Park, woke up in the middle of the night with the entire design in his head and couldn't find a piece of paper to write it on."

Submission + - More Reasons Why Windows Users Will Hate Windows 8 (

Julie188 writes: "Microsoft has a problem with Windows 8. After playing with the near final version released today, Business Insider editor Matt Rosoff decided that Microsoft must have been on drugs or something. "Unlike the iPad (and iPhone), which were immediately intuitive, Metro is not. A lot of the apps themselves are excellent, but as soon as you get out of the apps and into the "chrome" — the interface of the actual operating system — it gets weird.""

Submission + - Facebook open sources HTML5 mobile app test tool (

Julie188 writes: "Facebook is trying to make it easier for mobile app and game developers to use HTML5 instead of having to re-write each app for every device. It had earlier announced Ringmark, a tool that tests how an app does with each mobile browser. Today it released it as an open source project on GitHub.
Ringmark is trying to be like an ACID3 for mobile browsers. Maybe it can shame mobile browser makers into getting their act together."

Open Source

Submission + - Torvalds helped teach Dries Buytaert how to make money on Drupal (

Julie188 writes: "The story of Drupal is like the movie The Social Network in reverse. Drupal's creator Dries Buytaert is such a nice guy he used to do personal tech support for big Drupal users at night for free. Drupal was his college project that turned into his life — but it took him a long time (8 years) to figure out how to make a living from it. Linus Torvalds was one of the people that helped him figure out how."

Submission + - FCC wants ISPs to start killing Zombies (

Julie188 writes: "Millions of PCs on the Internet are zombies. On Thursday the FCC officially asked ISPs to adopt a list of cyber-security practices to start knocking these things out. The list is obvious stuff you would think ISPs are doing anyway, like watching for botnet behavior and warning users if their PCs seem infected. But some action is better than no action and if ISPs agree, it will contribute to an effort to start collecting stats on botnets, too."

Submission + - How 'Corporate Antibodies' Can Kill Your Best Ideas (

Julie188 writes: "If you have a great idea for a new product or service would you try to launch it at your current job? Or would you try and do a startup? My experience is that a big corporate culture makes it impossible for an average employee to do an in-house project. Suggest an idea and politics will squash it. So it's funny that one of the most stodgy tech companies, HP, had an internal "innovation program." The guy that ran it recently left (was the PC group's CTO Phil McKinney) and now he's offering tips on how employees can navigate corporate politics and get their ideas taken seriously."

Submission + - Guy gets his old CCIE job back after stealing $2M from Cisco (

Julie188 writes: "Imagine you are a Cisco CCIE working for a Cisco Gold reseller. You get convicted for stealing nearly $2 million worth of gear from Cisco through SMARTnet fraud. You are sentenced to 33 months in jail. You leave jail and your old company — a reseller that manages SMARTnet contracts — hires you right back. Tell me ... are honest CCIEs THAT hard to find?"

Submission + - Bill Gates Makes Progress On Reinvented Toilets (

Julie188 writes: "Last summer the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation spread $3 million in grants among eight research teams in North America, Asia, Africa and Europe, reports the Scientific American. This challenge is part of Gates' pledge last summer to spend $42 million to reinvent the toilet. The teams delivered a bunch of ways to turn human waste into energy."

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