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Comment Re:Long time gamer - RE7 blew me away. (Score 1) 77

I second this.
RE7 on VR is AMAZING. Simply the most fun/scare I have had playing games. And I have been playing video games over 30 years.
It is so involving and intense. You are IN the game not just watching it... I believe playing it in VR, is the only real way to play the game.

Can't wait for a plateform player. The robot mini-game just shows the potential. I was hoping they would make the Crash Bandicoot remaster a VR option, but it doesn't look likely. A new Armored Core by From Software is also an option for the next big VR title. I'd love to see Bloodborne 2 in VR as well (one can only hope.)

Comment Not the quickest (Score 3, Interesting) 247

The Tesla is not faster than the 918 from 0-60mph. The 918 spyder does it in 2.3s so faster now, and faster after the upgrade. Makes sense since the porsche is a 4 wheel drive unlike the McLaren P1 or Ferrari La Ferrari. Any 4WD car with lots of power and torque will be faster than any 2WD propulsion hypercar. And Tesla is not even the fastest electric car. That would be the Rimac. But hey, Elon Musk can claim all he wants, that's marketing (ie. damn lies.)
The Internet

The Greatest Keyboard Shortcut Ever 506

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes "Ryan Vogt writes in the Mercury News that Shakespeare described death as 'the undiscovere'd country, from whose bourn no traveller returns.' Did you know there is a the miraculous way to resuscitate tabs sent to the 'undiscovere'd country,' a sort of Ctrl-Z for the entire Internet, that means 'no more called-out cusswords, no more wishing the back button had you covered when, aiming to click on a tab, you accidentally hit the little X on the tab's starboard.' For Macs: Command [plus] shift [plus] t reopens the last tab. For PCs: Ctrl [plus] Shift [plus] T. 'Try it right now. Close this tab and bring it back. I dare ya.' Melia Robinson's trick [described for Chrome] works in Firefox and Internet Explorer, too, so clumsy mousing won't send the the E*Trade tab you mistakenly closed all cued up to sell those 10,000 shares of stock or your long political post on your uncle's Facebook page on a one-way trip to the undiscovere'd country in those browsers, either." No guarantees on the stock trading.

Preserving Virtual Worlds 122

The Opposable Thumbs blog has an interview with Jerome McDonough of the University of Illinois, who is involved with the Preserving Virtual Worlds project. The goal of the project is to recognize video games as cultural artifacts and to make sure they're accessible by future generations. Here McDonough talks about some of the technical difficulties in doing so: "Take, for example, Star Raiders on the Atari 2600. If you're going to preserve this, you've got a couple of problems. The first is that it is on a cartridge that is designed to work on a particular system that is no longer manufactured. And as long as you've got a hardware dependency there, you're really not going to be able to preserve this material very long. What we have been looking at is how feasible is it for things that fundamentally all have some level of hardware dependency there — even Doom has dependencies on DLLs with an operating system, and on particular chipsets and architectures for playing. How do you take that and turn it into something that isn't as dependent on a particular physical piece of hardware. And to do that, you need information about that platform. You need technical specifications that allow you to basically reproduce a virtualization that may enable you to run the software in its original form in the future. So what we're trying to do is preserve not only the games, but preserve the knowledge that you would need to create a virtualization platform to play the game."

Comment Re:Microsoft best innovation. (Score 1) 280

Amen to that.

I am a software developer, and I don't like VS, but I use it because even if it lacks features, it works for me since I use it at work and know how to use it. I am currently starting a "big" open source project, and getting it to work on Linux is difficult. Not the code, just the whole project management thingy. And this is not because it is harder per se, but just because I am used to VS, and not KDevelop. I am learning CMake and it's going fast, but still not fast enough for me to be comfortable with Linux as my main dev platform...
It's getting there, but it takes a real effort to adapt. And this is not a shortcoming on KDevelop's side, just an artifact of using MS for work and being used to it...

PC Games (Games)

Civilization V To Use Steamworks 295

sopssa writes "2K Games today announced that Civilization V will be using Steamworks for online matchmaking, automated updates, downloadable content and DRM for the game. Steam's Civ V store page is also available now, revealing some new information about the game. There will be an 'In-Game Community Hub' for online matchmaking, communication, and for sharing scenarios between players. While including Steamworks might put some people off, it might also indicate better online gameplay than in the previous Civilization games, where it was almost impossible to have a good game without playing with just friends."
The Almighty Buck

Gamer Wins $1M For Pitching Virtual "Perfect Game" 142

A few months ago, 2K Sports announced a unique contest to promote a new game they were working on, Major League Baseball 2K10. They said whichever gamer was the first to pitch a perfect game and provide proof would win $1 million, with the contest running for two months. Reader yukk tips news that the two months have now passed, and 2K Sports has announced a winner. It turns out the prize was won on the very first day, by a player who had put less than an hour and a half of effort into it.

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