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Comment Re:definitely due to the rise of the populist righ (Score 0) 693


and obviously it's ignorant

americans are feeding crony financial parasites and getting nothing in return "because capitalism" when it's not capitalism at all

and never can be capitalism: capitalism is pretty wonderful but only works in certain economic sectors. it's not magic unicorn farts you sprinkle on anything and then everything is fixed because magic, which is unfortunately the extent of many americans' understanding of capitalism

Comment definitely due to the rise of the populist right (Score 0, Troll) 693

like you see with trump in the usa

and, like trump, it's financially and politically retarded

scotland will leave, and northern ireland may, and britain will suffer a number of financial costs it has to pay now

so now britain is significantly poorer and weaker

all because some old morons don't like immigrants

the real issue is why these people are so angry, and the obvious answer is they feel poor while they perceive immigrants as coddled

and they are poor... because of plutocratic abuses, not immigrants

plutocratic abuses the political *left* has answers to

but the old morons reject the left for various stupid and propagandistic reasons

like americans rejecting universal healthcare, even though it's far cheaper and equal or higher quality. because "capitalism." when it's just cronyism

old poor morons like plutocrats to have gold toilets i guess, and are too fucking stupid to see how or why that's all their uneducated opinions lead to

Comment Re:Not apples to apples (Score 1) 1023

The restroom problem is easily solved. Create one that contains nothing that could be damaged or destroyed by a cleaning process that runs automatically at regular intervals when the restroom is confirmed empty using motion sensors, heat sensors, etc. Since we're already going toward the single toilet with a door that closes model thanks to the transformers go ahead and put in 2-3 of those. Ceiling and wall mounted sprayers with cleaner/disinfectant/air freshener and and drying sequence. Big drain in the floor for everything. We'll probably see that in our lifetimes become a standard of a sort. Toilet paper disappears completely and everyone learns to live with a stream of cold water being shot at their asshole instead. Should be a lot of fun. Sink areas will have hand dryers that are water resistant but don't work anyway. Old people will sit around and reminisce about these things called paper towels.

Comment Re:And then those employees burn down your restaur (Score 1) 1023

Consider that menial tasks like sweeping the floor, bagging the fries, and flipping burgers merits nothing like $15 an hour. It's an entry level job in a world where staying at entry level for life is commonly known to be a bad idea. People not able to make it on minimum wage are doing it wrong. This is why the United States doesn't need to bring in (or allow in) any more unskilled Third World labor. There aren't even going to be enough entry level jobs for those already living here.

Comment Re:of course it will burn.... IF (Score 1) 418

A lot of people always get fucked up. It's the way the world around us works. It is the way it has always worked and it's quite likely that it will always work that way. Something will replace fossil fuels before we ever reach the alarming states you're worried about just like something replaced that steam engine and all that coal it burned. Sure we still burn coal but not in the same ways and not nearly in as filthy a fashion as we did a hundred years ago. Have a little faith in the progress that got us this far. We're going to work it out.

Comment Re:rest of world vs USA (Score 1) 566

I learned that in the police academy. I went into law enforcement almost thirty years ago but didn't stay in it. I injured my back at home and couldn't continue that career path. I remember though when capital punishment was discussed and how surprised people were to learn that it costs a great deal more to get a person into that death chamber than it does to incarcerate them for the rest of their lives. They also went over how the death penalty doesn't deter anyone at all. Almost without exception prisoners on death row state that the possible consequences of their actions never entered their minds while they were committing the crime for which they faced execution. It might deter you or I but then most likely wouldn't do it to begin with so it's sort of like preaching to the choir. It provides a measure or vengeance or retribution for the survivors and/or victims but it doesn't undo what happened or bring anyone back. The only justification we were given for the death penalty was that it serves as society's ultimate penalty. It is nothing less than the human race saying that you are no longer fit to exist among the rest of us and that society has chosen to rid itself of that person forever. I'm OK with this. I do think that people get so wrapped up in applying this ultimate penalty that they discount the really terrible experience that life without the possibility of parole can be.

Comment Modern variation of the guillotine is the way (Score 1) 566

Simple and effective, reusable and quite painless if the condemned is first sedated on a gurney with common surgical anesthesia. Do not allow witnesses to view the beheading. Simply allow them to see the body from the shoulders down. Allow him to say his final words, knock him out with the drugs, then wheel him into the device face up so that his head goes through the opening. Begin the countdown and then have a doctor pronounce him dead once everyone sees his body shudder as the blade drops. Public spectacles were a mistake with the original guillotine and undermine it's simplicity and effectiveness.

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