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Submission + - Microsoft disables MSN music downloads

Jthon writes: Information week is reporting that Microsoft plans to stop allowing the retrieval of license keys an authorization of additional computers with their MSN music service as of August 31st.

Given the DRM on all the music this means as of August 31st any music purchased on the MSN store will not work on new computers, mp3 devices, or on an upgraded PC. Given the average PC lifecycle most customer's won't be able to play their purchased music in 3-5 years, so much for buying a lifetime license.

Microsoft has given no reason for this change.

Submission + - Jack Thompson Sues Best Buy (gamepolitics.com)

Jthon writes: Game Politics is reporting that our favorite crazy lawyer Jack Thompson is suing Best Buy for selling M rated games to minors online. Apparently Jack is not happy that Best Buy's website doesn't require someone under 17 to submit proof of their age. Best Buy and the FTC both seem to think that requiring a credit card for an online purchase meets this requirement.

Apparently, a more thorough check is needed to stop all those 17 year olds with credit cards from buying games online.

PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - PS 3 Price Drop Official (pcworld.com)

Jthon writes: Gizmodo and others are reporting that Sony has announced a $100 price drop for the 80GB PS 3. The US will also be getting the previously announced 40 GB PS 3 with limited backward compatibility.

The new 40 GB Playstations arrive in the US on November 2nd.


Submission + - Paramount/Dreamworks Drops Blu-Ray (cnn.com)

Jthon writes: Today Paramount and Dreamworks have announced that they will be exclusively supporting the HD-DVD format and future titles will not be released on Blu-Ray. This came as a surprise to many in the industry as Blu-Ray had been outselling HD-DVD 2 to 1 for the first half of 2007.

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