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Zynga and Blizzard Sued Over Game Patent 179

eldavojohn writes "Thinking about developing a game involving a 'database driven online distributed tournament system?' Well, you had better talk to Walker Digital or risk a lawsuit, because Walker Digital claims to have patented that 'invention' back in 2002. The patent in question has resulted in some legal matters for the makers of 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 and 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: World at War, Blur, Wolfenstein, DJ Hero 2, Golden Eye 007, World of Warcraft and its expansions, Mafia Wars, and many others.' Walker Digital (parent company of said it's not sure how much damages are going to be, and requested that through discovery in the court. If you think Walker Digital is not a patent troll, check out their lawsuit from two months ago against Facebook for using privacy controls Walker Digital claims to have patented. It would seem that any online competitive game that uses a database to select and reward contestants in a tournament could potentially fall under this patent — of course, those with the deepest coffers will be cherrypicked first."

Comment Re:Options (Score 0) 789

> Cyclists do not belong on the same road with trucks and buses. Cars maybe, not heavy vehicles. It should be illegal. > One of them can pull out in front of me and it's legally my fault because I hit them from behind.

Great point.

Save thousands of lives more each year than outlawing guns would: OUTLAW CARS.

Comment Re:Coming to a disaster near you. (Score 1) 452

Samsung had and has a design center in the US manufacturing in Korea. WD had and has design in the US and pilot production in the US, manufacturing in Asia. As does Seagate.

But then, I only said the US companies as in Seagate, WD, Maxtor... switching to class 10 cleanrooms. In fact WD's San Jose facility completed a "state of the art class 10 cleanroom in their (at that time) new building In south San Jose (1996).

Comment Re:Coming to a disaster near you. (Score 1) 452

In '95 Samsung had the same assembler who put the media into the disk stack also placing the foilcal on the completed HDA, without a change of gloves. They also thought a cleanroom was cool curtains in a warehouse. The US manufacturers at the same time were building class 10 cleanrooms.

You have simply been lucky.

Submission + - German amateur cracks WWII mega-code in 46 second

JrOldPhart writes: "Another fiat for the radio/computer geek team!;_ylt=AgP7WztOUETnoN_c56IonDwE1vAI While the re-created Colossus computer ground away, "Schueth's computer program actually managed to crack the hardest part of the challenge — deciphering the code of a Lorenz SZ42 encryptor, which has approximately 16 million million million permutations — in just 46 seconds.""

Submission + - Killer Electrons From Outer Space

JrOldPhart writes: The IEEE Spectrum is reporting That: Electrons in the Van Allen belts are normally not dangerous to spacecraft, but every month or so radiation levels spike to as much as a thousand times their usual intensity — surges called geomagnetic storms. Now, scientists believe they understand how some particles get accelerated to become "killer electrons." readmore

Submission + - Voting 3rd party.. What really is the effect?? 4

jriding writes: I have heard this argument as well as had this argument with my girlfriend. I feel that my vote is my vote. If I vote 3rd party it does not take a vote away from any other candidate. I state this because if I am only going to vote for the 3rd party and I don't vote for them, then no other candidate gets my vote. She states that if I vote 3rd party then it takes away from the Dem's. I would really like to better understand this without getting into an argument that results me with less bedtime fun then I already get. In the state of politics right now I would love for a strong 3rd party to come out instead of my trying to choose who is not going to screw me over more.. Dem's or Repub's. At this point its vote for who ever is not the worst instead of who is the best. I look forward to this discussion and hopefully either it will be enlightening and change my mind or it will confirm what I already think is accurate. And please try to keep the flaming down.. This should be a real discussion. Thanks Jriding

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