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Comment Re:self programing is asking for problems (Score 1) 100

Secondly as for the idea that we will someday no longer need programming languages and to simply state what we want and it magically write compile debug and give you exactly what you want not likely.

Not likely? There's a whole FAMILY of languages that do just what you describe. Ever coded in SQL? LISP? Scheme? It's called declarative programming, with the jist being you tell the computer what you want it to do, not how to do it.

On the other hand, what's the difference between giving a human an order in English and ordering a computer in a programming language, besides that a computer can be trusted to obey the best it can?

Comment i dont get it (Score 1) 119

Maybe a /.er can explain what's wrong with my theory on this... If space is a vacuum, then isnt mass just trying to spread itself out into space? Like how a water bottle caves in on itself to fill the void of someone sucking the air out of it? Why do we need Dark energy to explain it?

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