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Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 398

That's a liberal lie. Unemployment under Obama was like 40%. It's 4% now under Trump because he saved the world and made America great again. The unemployment numbers were faked up until January 8th.

This has got to be either the most sarcastic remark on this entire thread, or you are a fucking idiot?

I think I am trending towards the latter.

Comment Re:Rank reputable sources (Score 1) 183

If sites like Google and Facebook want to let algorithms decide which information to highlight, they will need to spend more time doing human assisted ranking of various information sources.

But it isn't google et. al. that are the problem. If the information is shit to begin with, it will only return what you are asking for (the most "relevant" results to your inquiry)

The problem is the uneducated mass putting in the shitty information laced opinion everywhere top begin with; even a human search engine would have to pick through all that noisy shit pile of ignorance.

Comment Re:A pity, but not a surprise (Score 2) 95

You can still make up to five comedy reviews a week. Not all is lost.

Not only that, you can just make endless emails and post 5 per.

All this does is swap one type of spam for another, and now, Amazon gets to enjoy that extra helping as well when 1 million new accounts suddlenly show up and they have to figure out what is and is not legit.

Totally smart way to resolve this instead of just making it 100% you can only review shit you buy.

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