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Comment Re:A pity, but not a surprise (Score 2) 95

You can still make up to five comedy reviews a week. Not all is lost.

Not only that, you can just make endless emails and post 5 per.

All this does is swap one type of spam for another, and now, Amazon gets to enjoy that extra helping as well when 1 million new accounts suddlenly show up and they have to figure out what is and is not legit.

Totally smart way to resolve this instead of just making it 100% you can only review shit you buy.

Comment Um, not really.... (Score 1) 1321

If the truth doesn't matter at all anymore, then why do we even both talking to each other?

Because "your" truth is only so from the perception that everything was on the up and up and not a collusion to let her win the primary.

My truth comes from going to a few events for Her and Bernie. Her events were literally devoid of anyone. A few hundred at events that should see thousands. His events? The crowds were like sporting events.

I am not sure what America you live, but "truth" is what I see, in the world.

The truth is, she won in a primary rigged for her to win, voted on by a block of people that would really only ever vote for her as Bernie wasnt even in their "party" -- as stupid as that is.

Comment Re:NoSQL is stuff for morons (Score 1) 153

But feel free to show us how bright you are and give us a few examples where a SQL based DB (actually they are called "relational", but I guess you know that ...) is superior to a NoSQL DB.

Hey, jackass, you misread the entire conversation if you think we are saying what you just posted.

I agreed with the guy who pointed out that there are proper tools for proper solutions i.e. NOT EVERYTHING IS A NAIL IF YOU ARE A HAMMER.

Apparently, you have a reading comprehension problem.


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