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Comment Re:Interesting concept, two problems (Score 1) 43

1) Radios. The newest versions of Bluetooth on the drawing board are supposed to run at 24 megabits a second. 2) Batteries, the same way glasses with wearable cameras work now. The added bulk of a portable generator to charge it and associated equipment would be awkward, for much the same reason your phone doesn't come with a hand dynamo. Or.. 1) Wires. It's no serious hardship to run a wire behind the ear from glasses to a small device. 2) See one. The power demands for this are vastly lower then those of, say, a prosthetic limb.

Comment Re:What, the script-kiddies have enought? (Score 2) 412

The objective was to draw attention to causes that interested a loose collection of impassioned individuals with a little knowledge, a little access, and an internet connection. What was accomplished was more then many civil disobedience campaigns that last for years can do, and most of the people involved are going to get away with it. The scary part isn't the script kiddies, it's that they got vaguely organized and directed in a way that would be nearly imposable to direct and stop before they hit. If a collective like this can last a few months and pull off several eye-catching acts before dissolving it's worrying to people likely to be targeted because their is absolutely no limit to the number of people that could do something like this with the will and direction to do so.

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