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Comment Browser updates aren't sexy at Apple keynotes (Score 2) 311

Apple is the new IBM, content only to perform preventive maintenance on their annual upgrade cash machine. Anything that isn't awe-inspiring or scandalous enough to make headlines isn't worth their effort. Fixes to Safari might only add a couple bullet points to their "over 300 improvements" to OS X next year, and that's if they delay all fixes until then just to make them noticeable. The cost-to-benefit ratio is too high for those penny pinchers, so they won't bother.

Comment Re:Authors have never heard of accelerometers (Score 1) 52

Yes, an object with zero acceleration could technically be moving anywhere between not and the speed of light, but that's pedantic.

From a human locomotion point of view, people do not normally glide around on ice rinks while using AR. All you need to monitor is translational vibration (evidence of non-rotational movement) which will be present regardless if you are walking or driving.

Comment Authors have never heard of accelerometers (Score 2) 52

From TFA:

The GPS receivers built into wearables already detect the speed of motion (at least outdoors); designers could use them to stop notifications when the user is moving. And many AR wearables have cameras, so image analysis could likewise trigger a safety mode indoors in situations likely to cause trouble.

Do the authors not know what accelerometers are? That makes me question their expertise for writing about this subject.

Comment Re:This is an old tactic (Score 1) 223

Slashdot is old school and will not convert links for you, so you need HTML tags to make links clickable.

<a href="">example title</a>

Comment Re:Well... (Score 3, Insightful) 86

Wheeler, 69, does not need to seek another job when he departs the FCC, and that freedom enables him to make the decisions he thinks is right, according to people close to the chairman.

Judging simply from his age, it's very implausible that his actions were part of a ploy to seek secure employment after the FCC.

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