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Comment Next Gen Consoles (Score 1) 261

Just think of what the next generation of consoles will have. Microsoft will learn from their mistake (hopefully) and allow for better heat dissipation. And there is no telling what Sony will come up with to try and secure their share in the market. Anyway... these are all hopes of course. My point being, the next gen consoles should deliver some mind blowing experiences.

Comment Re:IMDB link (Score 1) 330

Moffat.... wasn't he the writer for a series called "Jekkyl"? ... as in Dr. and Mr. Hyde? I just finished watching the series on Netflix and loved it... I finished it in a day in fact. I'm pushing up 30 this year and my little brother is a Dr. Who fanatic, so I started watching it on Netflix as well... just haven't gotten into it yet, but I'm still giving it a shot. There is an air of familiarity to it, I can remember the theme song from when Dad would watch it back in the 80's. Anyway... Moffat did a fine job on Jekkyl, just giving props or something I guess.

Comment Re:12,900 years ago? (Score 2, Interesting) 210

You could also throw some cynical imagination in there, humility that we could all be completely wrong, and the Pagans had it right the whole time. Perhaps the Earth is a "living" entity in ways we don't yet recognize. And all the flora and fauna are just parasites, including us. There are an aweful lot of galaxies out there, and they all have planets. Can a flea comprehend that a dog, or human is what it is? I doubt it, it's just food, shelter, and a body to colonize and breed on. They inhabit the parts that are good for them, and avoid the places that they are likely to die. Much like us on earth. They suck blood, while we mine and farm. So while we see Earth as a beautiful place full of life. Other planets may see her as the filthy whore of the region, and use their gravity to throw rocks at her.... hehe Okay, that's a little dumb, but I think I've conveyed my message. Just wanted to put a spin on things for you all. I wonder what religion that makes me?

Comment Re:And why not? (Score 1) 123

I completely agree... I generally do a major upgrade or new build every 2-3 years, and I was on a tight budget earlier this year when I performed the ritual. It was a nice moment as a consumer to be able to buy a comparable (for my needs) cpu from AMD for 2/3 the cost of the intel lineup. Sure, the Opteron X2 isn't gonna knock out a Core2Duo, but for my needs it was plenty, and considerably cheaper. It would be VERY nice to see a 3rd player in the game, especially if it was a company I trust as much as NVidia, I buy their gpu's exclusively, too bad. But at least they're focused!

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