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Comment Batman is gone, Robin takes over? (Score 1) 612

Dear Steve, now that Mr. Jobs is gone how do you feel as his successor? Isn't it a little like Batman is gone and now Robin takes over? What are your ideas you can finally implement and think will have a positive impact - especially in regards to the tight company policy regarding apps and content. Best, J.

Comment Re:Typewriter (Score 1) 325

I totally like your suggestion! It seems like a low tech, high efficiency solution. One can ALWAYS learn the layout on paper and then practice on an actual keyboard. Sure, it is not the optimal solution but sounds to me as optimal as it could get (also organisation-wise).
tech is not always needed to learn tech... ;)
Students could practice on paper and then get a turn at typing at an actual keyboard. You could combine it with a reward system, championships or typing games - or just a typing program to correct the errors.

Comment Keep it simple (Score 1) 454

Don't make it complicated. Ask him question about the job he will be doing, try not to "blow out" candidates, but find the ones that best answer your questions. Make a list of requirements for your company and go through this list with the job candidate. Ask them how they would solve this. Then ask them why they would do it that way. You will not only get insights on what could be necessary for your company, solutions from different angles, but also should be able to determine the best fitting guy who knows what he is doing, why he is doing it and how he is avoiding pitfalls. Don't make complicated "tricky" questioning, just stick to the job at hand, observe the applicants and apply (train) your gut feeling.

Comment Re:Let me be the first to say: GOOD JOB (Score 1) 263

+1 to your post. I'm so happy to have some mod points left for your post! I can only add: Yes, so it is legacy. It is ugly looking. It is useless for most people. I, myself can't use it in any way. BUUUT: It is a good thing to see legacies being released into public "possession". It's a little bit like Ford releases one of it's old plans for the original mobiles: nobody would drive such a car today, but it is history. History accessible by EVERYBODY...

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 205

Anything can be made not only "affordable", but even "free" with sufficient amount of subsidies

I think that is a good point. But you have to get the subsidies from somewhere. Be it the market, or from the government (taxes). Either way, some people have to earn money in order to spend it. I totally agree to your sentence and would add: "anything can be made affordable but not everything" :)

Comment Wow! (Score 1) 205

I like the indian approach in this case!

It seem to me, that they are taking success-concepts from the western world and integrate them into their culture.

Its crazy, though: Some of the poorest people live there and they start pumping "newest" technology to make it affordable...

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