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Comment Re:YES!! (Score 1) 252

Every single one of those things you mentioned has a purpose of keeping the user of the car safe. Tell me how mandating that you give your local police station a spare set of keys so they can go through your glove box any time they like is going to keep you safe?

Comment Re:Managers are dumbasses (Score 1) 144

Migrations often bring a lot of this out of the woodwork. You can tell users to clean up their machines before migration till you're blue in the face but you'll still get the uncomfortable moment when the 80Gb of "essential company data" they need transferred from their old laptop has filenames like "Busty Betty bonks like an animal"...
Though as IT staff we're not immune to this either - I've seen someone asked to hand in their resignation by the end of the day because someone else borrowed their flash drive to transfer customer data and it turned out to be full of pr0n... which Windows helpfully popped up thumbnails of right in front of said customer...

Comment Re:Tax dollars at work. (Score 1) 674

PCSO's are usually people who wouldn't pass the police entrance exams so they sign up as PCSO to get to walk around in a uniform and push people around despite having no more actual authority than a private citizen. They usually have egos the size of Jupiter and get really butthurt if you point this out to them. Real police detest them as they make everyone in a police uniform look bad.

Comment Re:This is not good... (Score 4, Informative) 256

Eat all the healthy foods you like, it won't do jack for cancers caused by other factors like smoking, drinking, overtanning, etc... And this is just the kind of ignorance that this nasty piece of excrement posing as a human being expolited when peddling her snake oil.
Personally I hope that she gets tied up in lawsuits based off this for the rest of her miserable life.

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