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Comment Pleasantly surprising (Score 1) 102

I grabbed this for my iPhone recently. The size may be excessive, but they're using some very high quality art assets, and have a variety of levels (I'm not sure how many).

I've always been extremely skeptical about first person games being playable on the iPhone, but I think id totally nailed this one. It works well not because they found a good way for you to control your movement and view, but because they took movement out of the equation. The "on rails" style like the old arcade shooters with the plastic guns may be antiquated on other platforms, but it works great on the iPhone as a quick and fun, but also very high quality, game. The controls felt almost immediately natural and I was able to focus on learning to better avoid injury and manage my ammo. The graphics are also fantastic, better than I expected, even after trying out Epic Citadel earlier.

For anyone wondering how this relates to the Rage game for PC that's still on the way, this is basically a mini-game. You are a contestant who is sent in to a location full of mutants with the task of clearing it out and surviving. (Think FPS Madworld on rails, complete with an announcer.) Along the way your character passes by ammo, health, and money pick-ups, and some you have to be quite fast to grab. Each level also has 50 bulls-eye targets scattered everywhere that you can shoot for bonus points, though even on Easy it's difficult to hit them all. There are even some cinematics (which appear to be rendered in real-time despite their high quality - it's hard to tell though, might be pre-rendered) featuring the grotesque man in charge of this show, who also provides a running commentary on your skills. Completing levels unlocks new ones, though all the levels I've seen so far are very similar in color palette so this doesn't feel like a big deal.

It's actually quite a fun little game, despite being a little disappointed that there aren't really any story elements in it. But well worth it for anyone who at least occasionally plays games on their iPhone or just wants to see the surprising potential in high-end iPhone games.

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