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Comment T-Mobile (Score 1) 246

$15 a month for unlimited texting plus 10 cents a minute for voice. They also have a slightly less flexible plan that has not monthly charge. It's like 10 cents to send a text, 5 cents to receive, and a dollar a day plus 10 cents a minute when you use voice; voice calls after 7 do not incur the 10 cents/minute charge.

Comment RE: "Got to love modern day freedom of the press." (Score 1) 138

It's not as though government is infringing on CNet's ability to publish such reviews or award accolades. The restriction is stemming from corporate politics, and if the parent company chooses a specific course of action such as this, it has absolutely nothing to do with freedom of the press. That said, we do need more independent, non-corporate journalism and information sources. What's left of the free market is responding to fill this gap. Only by breaking down the intimate relationships between government and corporations, can we have a more free market, and issues such as this will diminish.

Comment Re:you are crazy (Score 5, Insightful) 219

Don't hire your boss, find a different job! The idea that someone is qualified to hire their own superior is so asinine that it could only come out of a corporate red-tape nightmare so awful it is doomed to an epic fail. If the company had any idea about how to manage whatsoever then they would either have someone higher-up the ladder do the hiring or move someone qualified up from within. Run! Run now! Run fast!

In converse, I'd say if you aren't qualified to interview a potential future manager, you have some serious deficiencies in life skills. This practice is against the status-quo of corporate red tape practices. Also in direct contradiction to your statement, I'd say that always having people higher up the ladder do the interviewing is one of the causes of hiring bad managers, and having direct reports participate in the process is part of a good solution the problem.

Comment Re:And this is news? (Score 1) 1051

The Federal Reserve Bank's complex and lacks oversight? End the Fed!

The Federal Reserve Bank is simple to understand. It's a private bank whose owner's are shrouded in mystery and do not have the best interests of the United States in mind. There is no constitutional authority for them to exist, let alone control the money supply and create all money out of thin air, to the debt and detriment of the United States government and people.

Income tax is hard to understand? No more income taxes!

Income tax is a form of slavery, as the government is stating that it owns the fruits of your labor and only allows you to keep a certain portion of it. It didn't exist until 1913 and the constitutional amendment authorizing it was never ratified by all states. It is therefore illegal, as slavery should be.

We've made a mess of another country, and cleanup's expensive? Exit Afghanistan!

The military-industrial complex has destroyed countless lives in another country. We marched in there illegally without the required congressional declaration of war, so yes, we should absolutely exit Afghanistan.

Social Security commitments breaking your perfect budget? Opt out!

Social Security will soon be insolvent and will not be able to pay back the people who have paid into it as required by law. We should have every right to cut our losses and give up on it if we choose.

People think you're a crackpot who doesn't understand the modern world enough to support your campaign through traditional channels? Fly a blimp!

Traditional channels are controlled by only six companies who are consorting with the military industrial complex and they are just as power hungry. When you can't beat them, go around them or over them.

Ron Paul 2012: because quick fixes haven't screwed up the world enough already.

Go study Ron Paul's actual plans. They are not all that quick but are all feasible. They are fast enough to advert a true global economic meltdown which is quickly approaching because of the unmanageable debt imposed by global banks, the military industrial complex and governments unwilly to operate within their means.

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