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Comment Re:O RLY? (Score 1) 374

"Let me put it this way: if this software is such an obvious 'polished turd', why haven't *you* coded up a replacement?"

systemd *is* the replacement. And all these years later, I still without any hesitation prefer the thing it replaced...which I still use.

You prefer Upstart? That's what systemd replaced on both Red Hat distributions and Ubuntu.

Comment Re:Wayland was the "main stream" (Score 1) 374

Wayland is on its way to being mainstream. Canonical switched to developing their alternative, Mir, after initially supporting Wayland. Unity was Canonical's alternative to the more mainstream GNOME 3. Canonical just announced they'll be moving from Unity to GNOME 3. BTW, the Ubuntu GNOME is how I've been installing Ubuntu for quite a few years since I never cared for Unity. Upstart was a project that started at Canonical and became mainstream for several years. Even Red Hat used upstart until they replaced it with systemd, which subsequently become mainstream. Canonical has been using systemd for a while now. Canonical sometimes works well with others and sometimes doesn't and they're not the only company that tries to throw their weight around.

Comment Re:This again? (Score 1) 401

You're right, in a pedantic sort of way. It's an easily human readable translation of machine code. But in a practical sort of way, you can program in it, thus it can be considered a "language".

You have completely missed the point. I didn't says that there is no assembly language, but that there is not a single language called "Assembly." Practically, x86 assembly language is completely different from ARM assembly language. It makes no more sense to talk about "Assembly" as a single language than to talk about "Natural Language" as a single language. Someone who speaks Mandarin cannot communicate with someone who speaks Italian just because those are both natural languages.

Comment Re:This again? (Score 5, Informative) 401

"Assembly" is not a programming language. Rather, there is at least one "assembly language" for each CPU instruction set. More importantly, compilers rarely produce any kind of assembly language any more, though there are various types of intermediate representations used by interpreters and compilers. Every CPU executes instructions in a machine language. There are several such languages in common use, most importantly those understood by the x86 and ARM families.

Comment Re:It could be worse.... (Score 1) 167

Regardless of the politics, they ARE people. We should not dehumanize them. While the actions of North Korea may puzzle us, it would be better understood once one realizes that THEY lost over 500,000 fighting us in the 1950s, which pales in comparison to what is happening in Syria right now.

I would hope there can be peace between US and THEM ... While we ridicule them, they have a deep resentment that can be weighed in human lives.


Who dehumanized whom? Many Koreans, Americans and people of other nationalities died in the war that paused over six decades ago. It was a terrible war that resulted in a stalemate in which nobody ended up looking good. The Soviets and Chinese supported one brutal dictatorship and the US/UN supported another. However, the South Koreans, Americans and everyone else has moved on. The South Koreans have thrown off their dictators and even tried to build economic ties with the North. What deserves ridicule is the perpetually provocative stance of the North Korean government, calculated to get attention and more appeasement deals. Ridiculing ludicrous claims about targeting the White House does not dehumanize the North Korean people who can't question anything they're told whether they want to or not.

Comment Re:Javascript? lol! (Score 1) 136

Is there anything about Javascript that isn't shitty and broken? Can we please just take this language behind the barn, shoot it and move on with our lives?

As terrible as the language called "Javascript" may be, this isn't an example of that. It's an example of a poor implementation of one standard library function in one implementation of the language. It seems the problem was fairly easily fixed. Javascript code doesn't need to be changed to use the better PRNG so it would be very foolish to abandon Javascript just because of the past poor PRNG.

Comment Re:It's not Linux-based (Score 1) 175

You also seem to be unaware that floppy disks vary hugely in size. Common sizes on PC hardware varied from 360 KiB up to 1.44MiB. Obviously, one would need three of the former to hold as much as one of the latter. Perhaps you're trying to imply that what I said was incorrect.

Oh, you poor, poor pedant. (3*360KiB)!=1.44MiB.

If you can't get your arithmetic right, how are we to believe anything else you have to say?

Yeah, I guess you'd need four, reinforcing my main point further.

Comment Re:It's not Linux-based (Score 1) 175

Even the earliest distributions of Linux-based operating systems in the early 1990s required a couple of floppies.

From one extreme to the other. Even in the late 90s and early 00s it was possible to boot a linux system from a single floppy. Heck there's even a distribution named fd-linux. Not just the kernel either. I remember having a full network routing OS with firewall and the works boot from a single floppy.

I'm not really sure what your point is or what extremes you're referring to. You also seem to be unaware that floppy disks vary hugely in size. Common sizes on PC hardware varied from 360 KiB up to 1.44MiB. Obviously, one would need three of the former to hold as much as one of the latter. Perhaps you're trying to imply that what I said was incorrect.

According to

The earliest known distribution was by HJ Lu in early 1992. It consisted of two floppies: a “boot” disk to boot the system and a “root” disk that contained the filesystem, and from which it actually ran.

All of this is beside the point, which is that every Linux-based operating system has required many times the storage space claimed in the article.

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