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Comment Hard Drive Failures (Score 1) 297

The biggest problem I've had with Seagate drives (I use a number of the USB drives) has been the USB connector at the bottom. After removing the drive from the casing, connecting it like a standard drive, and reformatting it, they've run without problem. But there's always that nagging doubt...so I just make sure I keep a number of backups just in case. I always worry about drives for which the manufacturer can't provide a 5-year warranty. That tells me they really don't have much confidence in their products.

Comment Phablet? Seriously? (Score 1) 277

I guess I'll never understand the incessant, infantile need of some to combine terms into cutesie baby-talk terms.

But why get upset about the size? If people like it, they'll buy it and use it. If not, it will die of its own accord.
Better to offer a wide range of shapes and styles so at least there's some semblance of choice.

Comment Why Not? (Score 1) 641

Since our illustrious government/court system has turned corporations into individuals, why not add chimpanzees as persons?
It would definitely be a step up the evolutionary chain for them (the legislators/judges).
And who knows, perhaps some day citizens of this nation might even be afforded the status of legal personhood as well.

Comment How nice for her, but I disagree. (Score 1) 524

Yahoo is a corporation, not a citizen. It's interests do not lie in the same
place or even the general direction as a citizen's. It's sole purpose is to make
money, and despite her best intentions, true patriotism and love of money are
not compatible. One cannot serve two masters.

Despite what the courts claim, corporations are NOT individuals, and therefore
do not have the same rights as an individual citizen of this country.

If Ms Meyer believes that playing along with the NSA is patriotic, so long as she
says that from he own perspective and not that of anyone else, that's her right.
However, being a patriot is not something anyone can truly claim for themselves,
because only time will reveal whether or not someone's ACTIONS make them out
to be a patriot, a milquetoast citizen or a traitor.

So if Ms Meyer feels it's her patriotic duty to sell out her customers to the Eye In
The Sky, that's something she''ll have to live with and answer for.

But she doesn't speak for me.

Comment Re:Assassinating American Terrorists (Score 1) 800

And you're absolutely right. But what good does it do us to complain? The people are not interested
in truth and justice and the moral high ground. They're only interested in being entertained, having too
much to eat, swilling alcohol and imbibing drugs and sugar and not having to face the reality that
everyone else on the planet has to: real fear.

People want others to "just take care of the problem and don't bother me with the details, but I'll huff and
puff and pontificate a lot about rights and freedom and such, but unless if impinges on MY rights, I really
couldn't care less." That's why there is so much corruption in business and politics.

September 11th, 2001 brought real fear into the living rooms of this nation. But here we are, 12 years later
and except for he occasional stirring of the pot by the anti-gun lobby and a few mass murderers, things have
gone back to being pretty much the way they were on 2001.09.10.

The people really don't care, because they can't see it from here. The news services insulate them and wrap
them in a cocoon of ignorance from the terrors of the world. So killing a terrorist just because he happens to
be an American? Puh-lease.

Nobody cares. Grab a burger and a beer and sit down. The football game is on.

Comment Assassinating American Terrorists (Score 1) 800

Government assassinations? They've been happening since governments were first formed. All of a sudden
there's a whole slew of dainty little flowers who want to pretend that there aren't really bad people
out there and opt for sending nastigrams to such people via email or Social Networking and pretending they
will just go away. Unfortunately, most terrorists, especially those acting from a so-called "religious"
zeal would like to kill you and your entire family, your neighborhood, city or country and laugh about it.

"But they're AMERICANS!"
Right. Americans who want to kill you and your entire family, neighborhood, city or country.
For that they deserve a special pass, because we all know that they can't be bad because they're "Americans".
Anyone who lives on the North American or South American continent is an American. It's just a label. A
person's true nature is revealed by their actions, not a label applied to them.

"But what about the Rule of Law?"
While the Rule of Law is an amazing and desirable standard to live by, it unfortunately won't shield you
from someone shooting at you or detonating an explosive device next to you.

We should be capturing them and bring them to trial!
Wasting resources and possibly MORE lives attempting to hunt them down in the far corners of the world.
Exactly how many other people have to die to make killing them an acceptable option? Are YOU willing to be
a victim? How about a family member? A friend? Whom are you willing to sacrifice in the terrorist's place?

What about "collateral" casualties?
What about them? The people who allow the terrorists to live amongst them know who they are and what
they do. Do you think they give one iota of thought about you and your family, friend, coworkers, neighbors and
so on who are killed when the terrorist's bomb goes off or they mow people down with a machine gun?

We depend on our government to protect us and to do what is necessary for that cause. If you don't like it,
your choices are to vote in a different government, fight the government or leave the country. Everyone will have
to accept that the world isn't a perfect place and is only going to get more dangerous, or continue to live in their
self-imposed la-la land until reality comes knocking on their door. By then it will probably be too late.

Comment Have You Tried... (Score 1) 712

Uniball Signo Micro 207?
Gel ink, even flow, smooth writing.


I used to use Rotring and a few others, but the Uniball has won me over. I too write very small.
Haven't yet had the opportunity to take one up in a plane, but they're not so expensive that
trying one will break the bank.

Comment Dumb It Down For The Masses (Score 1) 878

Anything that can be said, can be said clearly. There are still a few who care about the difference
between "your" and "you're", (and yes, I put my comma AFTER the quotation mark).

What is it about Americans and their incessant need to appear (if not actually be) stupid? Students
in so many other countries grab every chance they get to improve themselves and learn, yet here
having a smart phone seems to be an adequate substitute for a good education.

Let's hope that our decline isn't sped along by laziness, apathy and ignorance. Embrace learning, not
for political correctness, but simply so that your message may be understood without question.

Comment The "God" Particle... (Score 1) 652

Ha ha ha! Just wait til they detect an even smaller particle, and so on.
Will that be the NEW and IMPROVED "God" particle? Or the Protestant "God" particle?
Humans are so full of themselves. It's just a smaller particle. There will be many more.
Just because we can't detect something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Mankind's science is severely limited. It will take a much greater intelligence than he has
to discover the tiniest particles of matter.

Comment Is it April 1st Again? (Score 1) 349

No matter how hard they try, the need for Desktop Support will NEVER go away.

People are just too stupid/ignorant/lazy/whatever to be able to do without some
sort of hand-holding being available to help them recover from their foibles or simply
to explain that there really is no "Any" key.

Corporate users are no exception.

Comment They Get What They Deserve (Score 1) 270

Well, when the Chinese neutralize all our military hardware, invade, then kill off all of the
greedy industrialists who decided to have ANYTHING our military uses be made in China,
then they will have earned their just desserts. Either that, or those citizens left over from
the invasion will hunt down and take care of the turkeys themselves. After all, what good
will all their money do them then?

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