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Comment Re:Time for OpenWRT? (Score 5, Informative) 147

I tried OpenWRT on a cheap TP-LINK wifi router. While the feature set was impressive, it could barely manage 1/3 the throughput of the stock firmware.

This is absolutely accurate. The reason is that the stock firmware enables hardware accelerated NAT in the switch chip. This isn't yet supported in the Linux kernel, so no support in Openwrt.

Comment does not replace mount (Score 4, Informative) 541

When I first read this on Phoronix, it appeared that systemd was replacing the mount command. This is not the case. It is wrapping the mount command. That seems to be an important distinction. Replacing mount would be crazy and pointless. Handling mounts more intelligently during startup would be welcome. So far, this seems to be the latter instead of the former.

Comment Re:This isn't a big deal, it's fucking huge. (Score 2) 86

Well, this is a virtual machine they're eavesdropping on. Anyone running something on a virtual machine should always assume that the one controlling the underlying hardware can always see everything that's happening on the VMs too. My view has always been that if I don't have the physical hardware before my eyes, I have no real guarantee someone isn't tampering with it either legally or illegally. Heck, even if it's before my eyes, someone may still have tampered with it at some point in time, or even remotely.

Exactly this. If you don't control the bare metal, then the VM isn't fully trustworthy. Even before the details of the attack were worked out, this should have been an obvious conclusion.

Comment Ardour, Calf, and a Focusrite (Score 3, Informative) 264

I use Ardour on Fedora, connected to a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, and heavily using the great and opensource Calf Studio Gear Audio plugin suite. Everything works really well, and the setup could be used to put together a really high quality album. We almost exclusively use it for recording church services, which doesn't exercise the full potential of the setup. One of these days I'll have time to put together a project that takes advantage of more of the capabilities we have.

Comment Re:Don't these routers have external memory? (Score 1) 157

I grant you that the ability exists on many SoCs. What remains to be seen is whether TP-Link has actually done the secure-boot chain starting with the SoC. If one of the OpenWrt devs could get their hands on one of these locked down devices, we'd find out pretty quickly. I still suspect it's just a check in the stock firmware's web interface.

Comment Re:Don't these routers have external memory? (Score 1) 157

These routers use UBoot, not a bootloader baked into the SoC. I doubt they have done anything too fancy, probably just checking for signed firmware when the user uploads it. I would suspect that even just using a serial connection to interrupt uboot would be enough to circumvent the checking. We won't know for sure until somebody does a complete evaluation/reverse-engineer of it.

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