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Comment Fathom Events (Score 2) 331 I subscribe to their newsletter, and I regularly see movies, tv shows, and specials in the theater that I wouldn't ordinarily be able to see with the "full theater experience". Recently it was Batman The Killing Joke, Doctor Who episodes, Shakespeare birthday celebration, etc. I paid about $12.25 per ticket (for three people) and bought about $30 worth of theater concessions. For Killing Joke we had a group of ten people and we all had a great time, and the entire event was sold out with such demand that additional nights and showtimes were added. so yes, for certain things, I will leave my widescreen monitor and go for the theater experience.

Comment When will Medium go to hell? (Score 1) 39

So far I've been fairly pleased with reading things on Medium, although some of the weird sliding underlay pics I can do without. So when will the nice experience give way to a horrible one? When they force ads on those who run ad blockers? When they decide they aren't making enough money from the site as is? Micro transactions? So far it's been almost too good to be true.... which makes me deeply suspicious.

Comment Real Name Policy - Off Topic (Score 1) 293

Anyone know how to get around the stupid "real name policy"? I go by a different name due to my association with the fringe art community, and they are trying to force me to upload ID that shows my real name, which I've heard then locks you into using that name. I don't need potential employers knowing that I shoot nude pics for fun.

Comment FACEBOOKISTAN (Score 2) 293

Just watched this last night, while I've heard of the issues with content moderators previously, this is the first time I've seen it all laid out including the censorship of legal political parties. Also to be found in the usual places if you'd like a download.

Facebookistan Site
Watch on YouTube Facebookistan english version

Comment Self esteem issue (Score 5, Insightful) 499

Women leave roughly 7 times as often as men after they do badly in an interview. And the numbers for two bad interviews aren't much better.

Once you factor out interview data from both men and women who quit after one or two bad interviews, the disparity goes away entirely. So while the attrition numbers aren't great, I'm massively encouraged by the fact that at least in these findings, it's not about systemic bias against women or women being bad at computers or whatever. Rather, it's about women being bad at dusting themselves off after failing, which, despite everything, is probably a lot easier to fix.

Also the title here is particularly bad, but I guess it's part of the Science News Cycle

Comment Do Zip/Rar/Archive Bombs still exist? (Score 1) 113

This got me thinking of the maliciously constructed ZIP/RAR files that would expand endlessly from a very small zip into files that were larger than any hard drive could handle, as well as make directory/file structures so deep you couldn't delete them in windows. Sure these days they are hiding malicious payloads in there as the above bugs mention, but I could see one of these being the payload for annoyance purposes if they still exist.

Comment Re:Study commissioned by the BSA? (Score 1) 249

I'm shocked anyone has forgotten, or gives credence to anything they put out.

Have You Received An Audit Letter From BSA - Business Software Alliance?

Oddly enough people seem suspicious of the BSA and their audits, wonder why? ;)

Comment Not the same... from TFA (Score 3, Informative) 173

By citing a specific case one might conclude that AMC’s attorney is confident that the cases are similar, but reading the details casts more than just a little doubt on his claims.

The historical case in question involved the publication of a book by Publications International which covered in detail the first eight episodes of the 1990/91 TV series Twin Peaks. The big question was whether this use of copyright works was protected under fair use but in the end the court decided the publisher had gone too far.

The court found that the defendant’s “detailed recounting of the show’s plotlines went far beyond merely identifying their basic outline for the transformative purposes of comment or criticism” adding:

Because the plot synopses were so detailed, and in fact lifted many sections verbatim from the original scripts, the court found that defendant copied a substantial amount of plaintiff’s original works.

This hardly seems to mirror the situation playing out alongside a potential spoiler of an unaired episode of The Walking Dead. Presumably that spoiler can be achieved by saying a single name too, which by no stretch of the imagination amounts to a substantial part of any show.

I'm ambivalent about spoilers myself, just knowing who it is doesn't equal seeing it play out with the acting, effects, etc. Sometimes I'm glad not to know, sometimes I wish I didn't know a spoiler, sometimes I love knowing.

Comment Screw Tess Holiday, she's a scammer (Score 4, Interesting) 485

She has scammed her supporters numerous times the below text was taken from this link, to see the image gallery from the Reddit chain click here.

There's no doubt in my mind that you all know who Tess Holliday is. Founder of "Eff your beauty standards", plus size model, (apparent) body positivity icon.. oh, and scam artist! In November 2014 hundreds of her loyal fans purchased shirts with her "EYBS" branding emblazoned on them,also under the impression that a portion of the proceeds would be donated to a Domestic Violence charity (many fans have said that the reason they were able to justify spending $40 on a shirt is that they were glad that some of the money would to go a DV charity). Not only did hundreds of fans NEVER receive their shirts/merchandise, but not a single cent went to charity. Fans asked Holliday why they hadn't received their items yet via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, only to be blocked by her (Tess herself has admitted that she is in control of all of her social media accounts).

After several attemps by many disappointed fans, the Facebook group "Eff your Customer Service" began. With now 450 members, Holliday could no longer ignore the fans who had rallied against her.

The clothing company Redress took on Holliday's EYBS merchandising responsibilities, and tried their best to reimburse customers.

Still, many were disappointed that none of the proceeds from their purchases were going to the DV charity as they had been lead to believe. Holliday claims that the reason for this is because EYBS operated at a loss, despite doing their own packing, advertising and selling shirts at $40 each. Fans asked her why she couldn't just donate some of her own fortune to the charity to write her wrongs, however no comment was made. Holliday (whose real name is Ryann Maegan) claims to earn 6 figures, and her constant updates on her expensive lifestyle understandably angered fans who were left with no refund, no shirt, and no DV charity contribution.

Of course, making donations to things like Amber Rose's Slutwalk is no problem!

Holliday's scamming/thievery goes even further, as this image suggests. The identity of the person who made this comment is protected, as this Facebook group was a secret group where people could talk about their experiences with her without facing scrutiny from Holliday and her friends, who are constantly harassing anybody who speaks out about her.

Holliday is also known as a horrible person to work with. Despite claiming to be against traditional beauty standards and standing up for body positivity, many photographers who have worked with her in the past have said that they will never choose to work with her again.

Additionally, the plus size clothing company Torrid have severed ties with Holliday for a number of reasons.

In a Buzzfeed video, Holliday is seen claiming to be a size 22, while complaining about the fit of a pair of size 28 Torrid shorts, despite having modelled for them in the past.

Lastly, Holliday's general stalking-behaviour of people speaking out about her says a lot about what kind of person she is. She knows she's doing wrong, and she knows that people can tear her down if they need to.

tl;dr, Don't hate Tess Holliday because she's fat, hate her because she's a scam artist, liar, and generally a bad person.

Her response to this? Blame everyone but herself in the press like here in People magazine, the comments sections are particularly informative about the fact that not everything has been addressed. Any group associated with this person is enabling a scam artist.

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