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Comment Re:Free market (Score 1) 555

Do each of the two 5GB data plans contribute to the same data pool or are they separate? for example, let's say you downloaded 8GB to your computer while tethered, and 1GB directly to the phone. Will you be charged for 3 extra gigs while tethered and have 4 gigs while not tethered go to waste, or will you just have 9GB of your 10GB used up? Knowing verizon, I fear the answer..

Comment Re:Audio books are worth more than e-books (Score 1) 539

I respectfully disagree and here is why - People buy audio books and pay an incredible premium... I think the average $15 book is at least twice that on CD. Who knows how much of this goes to the author (or reader in the case where it's read by someone other than the author), but anyway.. I think there is value added in a professional audio rendition. The issue at hand is clear-cut to me because it's support for the disabled, but I imagine if the Kindle provided purchasers of a text copy of the book with a free version of the book-on-tape, we would all have a lot more trouble viewing Mr. Blunt as the tremendous prick he is. Hopefully, if the time ever comes when technology can dynamically generate a reading of the book as good as the author could do, the entire media industry will have already figured out how to sell their products in such a way that people want to buy it (maybe not so piecemeal..)

Comment Re:Audio books are worth more than e-books (Score 1) 539

Agreed. A TTS program could never read the material with the same voice, cadence, emotion/gravitas/whatever, as the author or a professional voice actor with knowledge of the material could do. This is greed, but I understand that Roy Blunt, Jr. feels cornered wth many people claiming print media is a dying format (a point with which I strongly disagree, and looking at the prices of first edition classics on ebay should support me).

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