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Comment Re:I'm dying of curiousity (Score 1) 188

It's particularly interesting since VMware seems, in many respects, friendly to open source. They distribute a bunch of open source in their products and extensively document this, they partner with open source projects like Docker and OpenStack, and they're on GitHub. The sticking point here seems to be that they have kernel-level code that they think isn't covered by the GPL and Hellwig and the Conservancy do.

Comment Re:Summary a little misleading... (Score 1) 188

Reading the FAQ and TFA, this is more about BusyBox than the Linux Kernel.

No, it started with BusyBox, but it's now mostly about the Linux kernel. The BusyBox issues are largely or completely resolved. As explained in the FAQ: "VMware made substantial and good efforts toward compliance on BusyBox. However, VMware still refused to fix a few minor and one major compliance problem that we discovered during the process. Namely, there was a major violation regarding Linux itself that ultimately became Christoph's key complaint in this lawsuit."

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