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Comment Re:Black Ops (Score 1) 397

These days its not so much the mods as it is the unofficial fixes, New Vegas would still be unplayable for me if it wasent for the fixed DX9 dll. Locked down console's restrict mods but more importantly they kill fixes.

VTM:Bloodlines is a good example, had it been a console game it would still be unplayable. Activision forced it out the door to compete with HL2 then Troika went bust and wrote a single patch (unpayed), the unofficial patches are in double digits.


Sony Gets Nasty With PSBreak Buyers 246

YokimaSun writes "The war between hackers and Sony over the PlayStation 3 has now taken an even more sinister turn, with Sony going after not just shops but actual buyers of the PSBreak dongle, threatening them with fines of many thousands of Euros and forcing them to sign cease-and-desist letters. It seems Sony will use any means necessary to thwart both homebrew and piracy on the PS3."

Comment Re:"small scale MMO"? Jumbo shrimp! (Score 1) 192

Always fancied the idea of an Intimate Multiplayer games myself, think fallout3 with a persistant world but only 8-16 players or so. Admittidly the logistics of such a thing would be tricky but the payoff would be a truly persistant world, rather than 100,000 persistant worlds running similtaniously.

Comment Re:Isn't this just DRM in little pieces? (Score 1) 462

For me though thats EXACTLY THE POINT. Steam is cool i have no problems with its drm because it is dual sided, it provides something to the devs and the publishers while also providing something to me, the customer. Its all about give and take, as are most things in life. All DRM outside of steam is about REMOVING things from the value equation to benifit the dev/pubs.

Comment Re:hmm (Score 1) 462

Its being swamped with accounts thats driving me mad at the moment. Ive got an xbox live account and a steam account...thats all good. However because of DLC and free bonus's i now have an xbox live account, a steam account, an EA account, A bioware account, a ubisoft account, an atari account and the list goes on and on. It completly defeats the point of steam/live/psn.

Comment Re:hmm (Score 1) 462

Couldent agree with you more, but even single player games ship unfinnished, im actually quite terrified by what an 'intentionally' unfinished game would be like, perhaps the main menu and and a wireframe tutorial level.

Comment Re:Shame the game pure combat! (Score 1) 62

I Joined up 3 days ago, created a science officer and have been dissapointed that EVERY mission has me as a soldier, no exploration, no boldly going where no toon has gone before just travel to here, beam down, fight a 1 man war then rinse lather repeat. When i do get a mission thats not combat based it usually takes all of 5 mins for it to degenerate into a frag fest. Its a shame too as theres a lot of things it does well, but for me it completly misses the point that star trek is not star wars. Ive got 2 months to run and will stick with it till then as it does have potential but ill have to seriously think about carrying on when the time comes.

Comment Re:Is it just me? (Score 1) 121

I love steam, i spend more money in a month on pc games than i used to in a year (but get a hell of a lot more for my money). If i have one complaint though it is the classic games sold on steam, they hardly ever work first time, in fact they usually require a lot of messing about with config files and various other tweaks and still rarly run as intended. Ive bought a lot of old games i loved when i was younger simply because steam is so cheap and convinent but ive learned my lesson on that score. Its partly my own fault as steam usually removes headaches and as such i just assumed they had been tested prior to sale but that is just not the case. Biggest example off the top of my head is manhunt which flat out does not run on multicore cpus, not even a mention of this on the store page, admittidly its been fixed now but it should have been fixed BEFORE it was put up for sale.

Comment I blame greedy publishers, and FPS's (Score 1) 330

When i was growing up i always had consoles, i always had PC's but i never saw them as competitors. I saw them as complimentary to each other, action/arcade style games and sports title have always been console go to's. For something with a little more depth, complexity and dare i say it maturity it was PC all the way. I would play a few games of mario or sonic on my snes/megadrive, get bored then shift over to my pc for a bit of xcom, syndicate and dune 2. They were different platforms that catered for different tastes and i enjoyed both.

Fast forward a few years and FPS become the big thing, suddenly consoles are being built around their ability to play shooters. At this point the greedy publishers step in, they think to themselves these games are popular we must make boatloads of them. From there it was a short step to design them for consoles as its more profitable, its at this point the PC became their enemy. Now we have lost the level of depth that PC games used to specialise in, and i think thats what vexes the PC crowd. There are very few true PC games made anymore they are mearly console games that get ported, and regardless of the quality of the port they lack (in their very design) that special something that used to set PC games apart (fallout3 is a prime example of this, while a good game its not truely a fallout game).

Comment have to agree with the already tag (Score 1) 84

This is obviously something that was developed parallel to the sims3 (at best) or removed from the sims3 (at worst) but it gives me a chance to rant so its all good hehe. I for one miss proper expansion packs, you can blame consoles and maybe thats true ( im leaning toward that opinion myself) but this DLC shit has got to stop. Slightly off topic i admit but....(and its a big, round full bodied but) Has any1 here actually bought a piece of dlc that they didnt regret (specifically X360). The mass effect addons were nothing short of theft as was the knothole island for fable and the extra skins for street fighter 4 and i could go on and on but i wont. My point is the only to DLC pack that i actually felt were worth the effort was "the lost and damned" and .....well thats it (althought criterion with burnout paradise are supposed to be quite good too) and that actually felt like a good old fashioned expasion pack (cost about the same too). Fallout3 immediatly comes to mind i mean please, weve had four out of five DLC's and what was added....nothing apart from a few maps that are totally independant of the wasteland and a few new weapons and enemys, which are nothing but reskins of existing assests. Dont get me wrong i love fallout but the fact remains that weve had what 2 may be 3 new enemys ( the albino radscorpion is just a reskin as are the feral reavers), same goes for weapons, bar the melee stuff from the pit its all just reskins of existing assests. Four content packs and the only new shit is the hellfire enclave and the super muties that look slightly different, nothing was added to the wasteland at all. If there was one game that could have been a shining light for DLC it is fallout but even that was just a get the money out of your account jobbie, and then we learn there will only be 5 DLC's*....its an insult as nearly all DLC's are.

*i know there working on fallout4 and are desperate to get it out the door as quickly as possible (given the state of fallout3 good help us) but fallout3 could have lasted for years if the additional content was done with any sort of care for the subject.

Comment who cares, blizzard is dead anyway... (Score 1) 453

Removing lan from a game that has lasted over 10 years solely because of lan should tell you everything you need to know about the game and Blizzards opinion of you. I know im probably in the minority but the minute they officially confirmed that i cancelled both pre-orders (starcraft and diablo) as it was clear to me that Blizzard Entertainment was dead. This is truly a sad year as of all the numerous dev houses in the pc world only two had even a shred of respect and they were Blizzard and Valve and this year both have given the big fuck you to there fans (and more importantly their customers). Many people complain about consolitis and while those complaints had merit they were never blatantly shoved in your face till this year. PC gaming may have been dying but now i feel it is truly dead.....not only dead but desecrated, the two bastions of pc gaming are now openly pissing on its grave. if you have a pc i urge you to play half-life 1 and 2 / diablo 1 and 2 /deus ex (original) starcraft and warcraft 1, 2 and 3 because unfortunaltly thoses games where the pinnicle of pc gaming and their parents have all but said that they will never be made again.

Joker1980 sheading a tear for all the PC games that were (balders gate/planetscape:torment/half-life/thief/diablo/system shock/warcraft/command and conquer/myst/grim fandango/dreamweb*/Broken sword/etc etc the list goes on and on) because we will never see there like again.

*Yeah i know it wasent a great game but the premise was and the art was and it sums up what PC games USED to be all about good games with good storys, and yeah they didnt always hit the mark but they made you think and that alone made em worth their wight in gold.


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