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Journal Journal: My Hair

My hair hasnt been this short in a while. Its crazy, I actually have a normal haircut. And yes, I had to get it cut, isnt that sad? I am all clean cut looking, but now worries, it will grow back. I promise it will. Just give some time. The afro will return like a masked hairy avenger in the night! But school starts on monday for me, and this sucks more than a crack whore on wednesday. But hey, I am at a new school, so lets make the best of it, shall we? Ok.

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Journal Journal: Catholic School

Well Hello, I am back. It was weird. I am still a jew though. I met lots of neat people that I will spending the next year with. Hey, Its a tugboat! Hey, its a barge! And most of them seem pretty cool. Yes, I just transfered schools. I have been at the same school for the past 11 years, and now, I am going to a catholic school. Yes, me, Ben the Jew, at catholic school. Luckily, it is coed, and I will hope fully meet some hoochy mama that will want to marry me and have my jewish children. I met this girl Katie who was cool, and this dude Brandon was cool, and this dude Adam was cool, and well, there were a lot of cool people, and I will be going to school with them.

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