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JohnnySlash writes: While Fox got all up in arms over the Banksy intro to the Simpsons that aired on October 10th "Loan-a-Lisa", it appears that they replaced the intro on Hulu with a recent one involving the iconic couch as a getaway car. Now, the Hulu version of last week's episode, "MoneyBART", has the subversive intro sequence intact.

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Having read the previous posts about the LaCie drives (multiple drives, one enclosure), I wanted to start a different thread regarding large amounts of drive space: I am a professional video editor, so I drink up drive space like water. Last summer, we were faced with a documentary project that referenced 450 hour long tapes. We turned to a G5 running FinalCut on 8GB ram, and, in the end, 6 of the LaCie Big Disk Extremes (500GB). We armed the G5 with a pair of Firewire 800 cards with three ports a piece, giving each drive it's own connection. Though we were forced to do pretty regular system maintenance (repair permissions, trash caches), the system ran REALLY well. i would do it again with some sort of redundancy (without it - scary, huh?), but we were somewhat limited for time to plan this system. Depending on your job/lifestyle, even 3TB can be too small these days...

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