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Comment Herd Mentality (Score 0) 290

With HTML5 on mobile you will quickly hit a performance wall on anything advanced and interactive. It will always be like this for the simple reason Steve Jobs wanted everyone to drink the Koolaid and come into his walled garden with native apps. Flash on mobile would have held the door open to web-delivery of very advanced apps (using frameworks like Flex), but the dark forces undermined that ever happening. The Apple (and Android) App Store are commercial empires being built on the blood and sweat of the slave race or programmers. I bet the iPhone 5 still can't run anything HTML5 heavy in it's native browser.


Comment What a bunch of.. (Score 0) 652

..pussie scientists! As a species we should go full-out on these kinds of developments. This sort of rhetoric is akin to the contractor doing the Jedi-mind-fuck on you to spend 50 grand on a new washroom. Somebody is trying to get everyone in on there own self-interest here. Bring it on I say, oh wait!!! If I/you had to fight real cybernetic organisms in real life then movie and game sales would drop off steeply. I guess as a race, we would rather have some certain elite rule over us all, then rather fight hard/work hard for any future where man is unshakled and realizing his potential as an intelligent species. Put these dudes up against the wall, bang, and then get back to work. Just use a bit more thorough unit testing of your AI code! !@#$ who managed you bunch of babies before I got here? j.

Comment Similiar Situation.. (Score 0) 330

I have an original XBox Cystal Edition. It died, and I called MS repair. When I was about to complete the process, I told them that I had the Crystal Edition, and asked if the 'refirbished' unit they would send out to me would also be the same model..NOP! Everybody gets a nice black XBox. I wonder if I have a 360 Elite or Halo Edition needing repair (like that might ever happen), would I get the same back or some basic model. It's a big money sucking machine that everyday I feel less inclined to support.

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