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Comment Re:Whatever happened to "Man-Made Global Warming"? (Score 1) 837

Surely you are aware that the ice-age/interglacial cycle is caused by periodic shifts in the earths orbit, that we are right in the middle of an interglacial and are not expecting ice-age conditions for something in the order of 10,000 years.

You've just defeated your own argument there and then, I need go no further. On the basis that an Ice Age is the coolest point of a interglacial cycle, then if we are in the middle of an interglacial, then we are presumably at, or nearing, the warmest point? And is warming not going on now?

And please don't use terms like "asinine". I don't claim to be a climatologist and I am happy to listen to reasoned discussion from people who know more about the subject than I do. But I am a systems engineer of some 30 years experience and reasoned logical deduction is a speciality of mine, you need it for fault-finding systems.

Like I said in my first post, I am prepared to be open-minded on the topic and accept actual proof when it arrives. But you certainly provided that here, you've actually strengthened my case that it's a natural cycle.

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 565

By your own argument, then, Linux does not need to have 90 percent of the market to be successful either.

And whilst this topic is specifically about desktop Linux, by the time you take into account all the Raspberry Pi, Android devices, Internet servers and embedded/car systems running Linux, I would say it just about beats the crap out of any other OS for sheer number of devices.

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 565

Last time I installed Ubuntu, I booted an installation CD, hit a few buttons and it installed in 20 minutes. On reboot, all my hardware was recognised.

Last time I installed Windows 7 (about 2 months ago, I refuse to use any newer Windows OS) on a 2-year old Lenovo laptop, it took me about 4 hours to work out where to partition the SSD properly (opening a command prompt at the "Install Windows" screen), then about an hour to load on the basic chipset drivers. Then Windows Update wouldn't work, so I spent about four hours updating that, running a Microsoft repair tool, stopping and starting the service, then left in overnight at which point I woke up in the morning with a few hundred updates to install. Another couple of hours later, the updates were on, I finished installing the rest of the drivers and I finally had a completed Windows installation. Then I went to install LibreOffice, Chrome, Firefox, GIMP, etc., all of which had been installed with Ubuntu within that 20 minutes.

So which do YOU think a soccer mom will be more likely to cope with?

Comment Re:Earth (Score 1) 837

What parts of the world? Stop with the sweeping statements!

I'm accusing you of a case of "MSU" ("Making Shit Up"), we have not had the capability of using temperature or climate measurement tools over a long enough period to make any assumptions about what happened to the climate prior to the industrial revolution.

By all means, if you find a Medieval volume from the 9th century or so where a group of monks recorded temperatures over periods of some years using parchment and quill pens, then that may serve as some evidence.... but I don't think you are going to find it.

Comment Re:25 years and nothing to show for it (Score 1) 565

So would you kindly explain how it's possible for many Windows users to run the same applications across multiple "distros" of Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10) unless it's because there's a degree of backwards compatibility / library compatibility built across all of them?

Do you not think that a lot of people (myself included) already do a lot of optimisation on Windows builds to remove a lot of unnecessary crud and make speedier systems?

Why do you believe that the differences between distros is so "vast" that it totally fragments the Linux community, any more so than the Windows one currently is?

Anyone who wants a "standard" Linux distro probably opts for Ubuntu or Mint, most software that comes out will be available for those two. But that doesn't mean that other distros don't have their own large software repositories or that you cannot run Ubuntu applications on another version of Linux.

I run Gentoo Linux, a distro based on "building packages from source", but I installed the Steam package from Ubuntu to game on Gentoo and it works fine. Yep, it took some "jiggery pokery" that's beyond the newbie user but then that's why I run Gentoo, because I know how to do all that stuff.

Most people that use Linux couldn't give a toss about the number of distros out there, it really is not relevant to their day-to-day usage because they probably chose their distro for specific reasons anyway.

I hear this same comment over and over again from people who turn out to have used Linux very little and try to visualise a problem where there is none.

Comment Re:Degrees of skepticism (Score 1) 837

Exactly. There's geological evidence that this planet went through at least four Ice Ages before man was here.

And, no, that does not mean that man isn't having an impact now or that we should not burn less fossil fuels as a precautionary measure. But the fact is that the only evidence that exists are measurements showing climate changes over the past few decades, not the causes of it.

Comment Whatever happened to "Man-Made Global Warming"? (Score 2) 837

What troubles me is the suddenness at which that phrase seemed to have been dropped by the media and "believers" in favour of the more generic term "climate change" that does not, somewhat conveniently, attribute a possible cause.

Do I believe "climate change" is happening? Yes, according to geological evidence it's happened at least four times before during planetary Ice Ages, we're probably about due a fifth Ice Age.

Do I believe man is the cause? Unsure, I don't think we've been able to measure our potential impact on the planet over a long enough period to make too many assumptions - we'd probably need to compare temperature measurements over the century before industrialisation to temperature measurements after industrialisation to make any reasonable assumptions. But we don't have that data.

Do I think burning less fossil fuels, recycling more and being green are worthwhile? Not everyone who smokes gets cancer but not smoking reduces the risk of cancer. I don't smoke because I want to minimise my risk of cancer, in the same way I am happy to be greener *in case* my carbon emissions are having a big impact on climate.

I don't see the above as being a doubter, I am happy to proceed with caution until empirical evidence proves things either way - and I don't think the proof exists for either way except that we are very confident that this planet went through at least four cooling/warming cycles before man was ever here. Therefore my opinion at the moment is climate change is more than likely natural, whilst keeping an open mind.

Comment Re:Glad as hell I opted for Linux instead of Win7 (Score 1) 527

My only non-Gentoo Linux box these days is an old Asus EEE PC 1215n laptop that has the crappy NVIDIA Ion hybrid graphics chip that they totally dropped support for after a year. I got most of the laptop working under Gentoo but couldn't get the Bumblebee virtual X-Server to work with the Ion chipset at all, in the end I reverted it back to Windows 7 as a small laptop that had at least a little 3d-gaming capability.

With that said, I've never liked Windows 7, XP with the Classic desktop was the best OS Microsoft ever made, Windows 7 was no more stable, change-for-change's sake and Aero is ugly, bloated and very wasteful of screen real-estate.

This news is the "straw that broke the camel's back", optional update or not, I'm not giving Microsoft that free reign over my data. Gentoo is going back on that laptop, if it means no NVIDIA 3D gaming then so be it.

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