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Comment Australian... with questions here (Score 2, Insightful) 222

OK, so this seems like a good idea - but what can we do with it? Having that kind of speed is great, but only if you have infrastructure that can serve you data that fast. We're a long way from anywhere and have only a limited amount of fibre connections to other countries (where I imagine most data will come from), this is reflected in the silly high prices we pay for data already.

So whilst it's great that we will have these kinds of speeds, how are we going to get data services fast enough to take advantage of them?

Comment Re:Tools exist (Score 2, Interesting) 209

Totally agree, I know this is /. and we hate windows - but it's similar to the way WSUS works - and since the introduction of WSUS I haven't given this question a second thought. You can set up different boxes to get updates on different schedules so the pilot boxes always get them first, then production boxes over a few days in a rolling pattern.

Comment I know this is slashdot..... but XP (Score 5, Interesting) 432

So I know this is slashdot, but mine is XP, I love it and I don't want to change it. I don't want to change desktop environments ever. Desktops should be invisible. I don't care about desktop environments - I care about apps, inermanets and documents. XP does everything I want, I know where everything is, I know how it works and my apps run perfectly (yes, perfectly) on top. So I'm changing... why?
Data Storage

File Systems Best Suited for Archival Storage? 105

Amir Ansari asks: "There have been many comparisons between various archival media (hard drive, tape, magneto-optical, CD/DVD, and so on). Of course, the most important characteristics are permanence and portability, but what about the file systems involved? For instance, I routinely archive my data onto an external hard drive: easy to update and mirror, but which file system provides the best combination of reliability, future-proofing, data recovery, and availability across multiple platforms (Linux, OS X, BeOS/Zeta and Windows, in my case)? Open Source best guarantees the future availability of the standard and specification, but are file systems such as ext2 suitable for archival storage? Is journaling important?"

Submission + - Fingerprinting the World's Mail Servers

ttul writes: "This O'Reilly SysAdmin Article describes some work done by mod_perl author Stas Bekman and his colleagues at anti-spam software company MailChannels to fingerprint the world's publicly visible email servers. Interesting results from the survey? Open source options like Sendmail and Postfix are still firmly in the lead after all these years, but commercial services like Postini are catching up fast. The article goes into some detail on how email servers can be fingerprinted despite attempts by sysadmins to cloak their identity."

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