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Comment Re:Future planning? (Score 0) 202

Yes. As soon as I heard that Novell received an unsolicited bid from a hedge fund, I started planning to migrate away. Unfortunately, the free tools that Microsoft included with Server 2003 are no longer included in Server 2008, so you'll need some 3rd party tools to assist with the migration. Quest makes some tools that are very good but very pricey.

Comment Re:not the least bit surprising (Score 0) 202

You're talking out of your ass. Novell were selling OES, their former NetWare services (iPrint, eDirectory, NSS, clustering) running on top of SLES. And even SLES itself was not free. Just like RHEL, you had to pay for a subscription to download the patches and updates.

Comment Re:Environmentalism (Score 0) 593

Ummm, of course they should be held to a higher standard. You're equating a major multinational corporation with billions of dollars in annual profit to Joe, the average neighbor down the street. When Joe fucks up, I guarantee it doesn't affect thousands of people's livelihoods. And it sure as hell doesn't destroy ocean and marshland habitats. So yes, we should hold BP to a higher standard. They're the ones poised to make insane amounts of profit from these oil wells, they should have to clean their messes up when they happen.

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