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Comment Seems like Politiculitus has spread everywhere (Score 1) 121

It changes your DNA and makes you believe you are helping everyone while your hand is sticking out waiting for your reward of wealth/power/fame...

Am I the only one who used to have faith that our elected leaders had our best interest at heart so we did not have to worry about what they were doing?
You think that is why we are here today?

And our future leaders are being groomed by todays leaders, how scary.

I want to vote for the guy who does not want to run for office. What is his name, Noneof Theabove?

Comment The system is corrupt... (Score 2) 163

I used to think the Democrats were evil, and Repubs could do no wrong. Wow, They pretty much all suck now.

It reminds me of "wrassling" (WWE) where they work together to make the fight between them look real, and the "actors" don't get hurt, except we get hurt all of the time when done by Washington.

Politics makes me sad now. Voting is like going to the dump, it stinks to high heaven, but I have to do it.

I need a drink

Submission + - Slashdot experiences total loss of Internet viewers over April Fools

JohnnyDoesLinux writes: There were many warnings about the April Fool's day stories, but nobody believed them. A witness says, "It was if the new beta had taken over the minds of the people running the site, and they just shrugged off good advice".

See for yourself:
So now people are mourning the total loss of Slashdot as a viable website for Nerds, now it is "News for Nincompoops".

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