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Comment Re:Node.js (Score 0) 400

Because I can use one language, one uniform representation of an object from database (mongo) through the app server, web server , session store and client-side. I can have robust coding and debugging tools thanks to advanced IDEs like WebStorm7. I can leverage a common pool of engineers to do both front-end and back-end work - sure, the front-end types need to cross train with the back-ends and vice versa - but its MUCH more feasible when everyone is speaking a common language.

Comment Re:Why was this possible? (Score 0) 214

You never trust your production servers. So the production server -cant- connect to the backup servers. The obvious design is to have the backup server (or some 3rd system) be the one that connects to the production server. The real question is why was the backup server reachable from the public internet.

Comment Re:QuestHelper (Score 0) 344

A HUGE thanks to you for all your hard work. You've made the game more enjoyable for those of us who partner with friends and family who are less than savvy at following the clues laid down in the quests. I'll be making my donation ... now that I've noticed you'd like donations. *ahem* I can understand why legal would feel the need to protect the users from more malicious addons that consume CPU/Memory/$$ because of obfuscation and the endless arms race that would unravel even the most secured subscription data model. I don't get the blanket restriction on reminding the users that donations power updates though. It'd be nice if there was an in-game browser addons could invoke for help, documentation and more formal support. That would be the ideal way to meet their goal of keeping all requests for donations out of the game itself. Given your extensive experience in managing and supporting a software product for tens of millions of users, isn't this the most excellent LUA portfolio project around? Like, cover letter worthy for any LUA focused jobs? Surely someone has use for Grand Master LUA skill. :) *poops on carbonite btw*

Comment Unity 3D proves it is (Score 0) 165

Check out Unity 3D, a multi-platform 3D IDE focused on letting you use 1 of 3 languages (Javascript, C# or a Python variant) to do all the scripting of your game objects. It's extremely awesome and fun work and I've seen some great games created with it. It makes it all the better that they can run on Mac and Windows, on the desktop or via the browser. Sad for Linux folks who can't play their games yet though.
XBox (Games)

Submission + - new 360 problem

wayne bosch writes: "There seems to be a lot of people experiencing a new death of their 360 consoles, as seen in this following post, there are many more like it) MS are currently charging in excess of $100 to get this fixed and often the machine returned is not lasting very long afterwards. MS are refusing to say anything about this error so far, so I am one of many spreading the word around the gaming community to hopefully get this problem included in MS's extended warranty for the RROD. Feel free to contact me for any more information or threads on the internet about this. Thanks, Wayne Bosch"

Submission + - What's the best chair for a geek? 2

Uglor writes: My latest in a long line of cheap office chairs broke, spilling me to the floor in a less than dignified manner. I need to buy a new chair for my desk at home. For the last several years I have been buying the same generic $50 black executive office chair. They usually last a year or two, then break. I spend 8 hours at work in a pretty decent office chair, then usually come home and spend several hours more in front of my computer. I'd like to buy a decent new one that will actually last. Does anyone have suggestions?

My criteria are:

1. Tough: I spend 12 hours a day in a chair. I'm hefty, so the chair needs to support me.
2. Comfortable: I want to be able to stand up from a 6 hour gaming session without my ass being numb.
3. Affordable: The less the better. More than the $50 cheapies I normally buy is ok, but no $1000 Aerons.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - DMCA lawsuit for circumventing coupon print limits

whoever57 writes: A Fremont, CA man (John Stottlemire) who claims that he was trying to show his skill in order to get a job at Coupons, inc. created a program and showed people how to delete the files and registry entries that limited the printing of coupons using software from He now faces a lawsuit, from Coupons, inc., alleging DMCA violations. The company alleges that his actions are equivalent to those of DeCSS creator "DVD Jon". Mr. Stottlemire asks how deleting files off one's own computer can be illegal, while some lawyers suggest that the DMCA is very broad and may apply in this case.

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