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Comment Warsow, WoP, ... (Score 5, Interesting) 205

I personally love Warsow (, a Q2-based free (GPL?) FPS, and also World of Padman ( is quite fun at times, and I think both still have relatively active communities and some servers up at times. Other options include FEAR Combat (, the free multi-player part of F.E.A.R., or free online-only games such as WarRock (, though both options would require a relatively beefy graphics card. A game I also love personally is Iron Grip: Warlord (, which isn't free but they have a demo which allows you to go on-line, it's an FPS tower defense style game, and a lot of fun to play...

Submission + - RCMP taser death video released (

An anonymous reader writes: The much-talked-about video of the Mounties tasering a man to death for the crime of not being able to communicate with them has been released (10 minute WMV file) (perhaps some kind soul could mirror it before their server melts). For those of you not familiar with the story, the guy arrived at the Vancouver airport from Poland, spoke no english, and was supposed to meet his mother in the arrivals area (they arranged this without realising she would not be allowed into this secure area). His mother was told he was gone and went home after 5 hours to try and find out where he was, meanwhile he waited another 5 hours and started to get agitated (although from the video it's nothing *that* serious — he smashes a computer at one point, but does not appear at all dangerous, just very frustrated). Then the RCMP showed up, he calmed down, they tasered him anyways multiple times, and he died. This story raises some important issues around police use of tasers as a convenience, rather than out of necessity, and citizen journalism — certainly the RCMP version of what happened gives quite a different impression than actually seeing it as it occurred, and they also seem to have tried to seize & bury the videotape, "borrowing" it, and then refusing to return it until the guy who taped the incident hired a lawyer to get it back.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Stallman Attacked by Ninjas 524

vivIsel writes "When RMS took the stage to address the Yale Political Union, Yale's venerable parliamentary debate society, it was already an unusual speech: instead of the jacket and tie customary there, he sported a T shirt, and no shoes. But then he was attacked by ninjas. Apparently some students took it into their head to duplicate an XKCD webcomic before a live audience — luckily, though, Stallman didn't resort to violence. Instead, he delivered an excellent speech about DRM."

Submission + - Ubuntu 7.10 + WINE vs. Windows XP ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: With the release of Ubuntu 7.10 earlier this week, it's an exciting opportunity with more Windows users turning to Linux. But if you're still dependent upon some Windows applications and plan to use WINE, new benchmarks by Phoronix show WINE 0.9.46 with Ubuntu 7.10 performing much slower than Windows XP Professional. Futuremark 3DMark01 SE and 3DMark03 were used and in only one case for CPU testing had WINE outperformed Windows XP. The Phoronix crew had also used two different graphics cards — a NVIDIA GeForce 6600GT and 8600GT.

Comment Re:I love the autopointerage & hate the scope (Score 1) 439

> if( !Array.push )
> Array.prototype.push = function( item ){ ... }

Yes, this sounds nice, but it's a large pitfall too. It's very tempting to start extending 'basic datatypes' with all kinds of stuff, which can result in awful clashes with other libraries that do the same. Ruby on Rails' 'Prototype' library is a good example of how _not_ to use this.

> someObject.onclick = function(){ myFunction( this.someAttribute ) }

Horrible indeed. The idea of allowing to call a method with a different 'this' is already scary, and useful only for nasty hacks, but I think actually using this feature in very commonly used functionality* was a big mistake (perhaps not so obvious when 'object oriented' programming (yes, the prototype stuff, i know it's not strictly oo) wasn't very common, but nowadays it's one of the first walls JS developers bump into).

> function array_push( arr , item )
> arr[arr.length] = item;

Nothing new here I think... There's more (intepreted) languages that can do this. And most other languages actually _do_ implement push() (or something similar) on all platforms. ;)

> someObject.onclick = myFunction

Nothing new here either. Try Python for instance, which is a lot more dynamic than JavaScript... :)

Yes, I understand that JS has certain very nice features when you're used to more static ones like C or Java or whatnot, but I think compared to certain others (note that most of JS' features are in some way stolen from other languages) its awful implementation, lack of basic functionality (no String.strip() while there is a String.blink()?!?), sheer unintuitiveness (it's for instance not at all clear what notation to use for 'OO', there's a billion ways to define objects and prototypes and such, and the differences are subtle) and strange quirks (like the nested scopes example you mention, but there's plenty more examples) are reason enough to still see it as 'necessary evil' rather than 'an enlightening experience'... ;)

(Do note that I'm a bit biased, as I'm (not deeply, but a bit) involved in the PyPy project, which works on (among a lot of other things) a Python to JavaScript compiler... ;)

* most notably event handlers: when registering an event handler in certain ways 'this' points to the event, or the element on which the event is defined, or something, and not to the object, making that you need to use closures to actually have a reference to the object the method is defined on, from the method :|

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