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Comment Re:Elon, there's other stuff to do (Score 1) 184

Coward, when you brake you convert your car's kinetic energy to heat in your brake pads or, at best, recharge a battery with efficiency way lower than 100%. When you accelerate back up to your original speed, you use fuel or battery charge (which came from fuel) to replace that kinetic energy. So you don't want to stop. By far the most efficient way to get through the light is to coast through it in neutral. Honestly, I thought everyone knew this.

Comment Elon, there's other stuff to do (Score 3, Insightful) 184

I personally have thought up half a dozen cheap ways to give drivers who are approaching traffic lights enough information that they don't have to hit it red and stop --- things that work like the countdowns provided by pedestrian walk lights. And it doesn't have to be mandatory. If maybe 30% of drivers use the inforrmation to coast through, then the other 70% will have no choice. A lot of gas could probably be saved.

This sort of thing has probably been patented many times but I've never see any mention of it anywhere. Take it and run, Elon.

Comment what a load of crap (Score 1) 381

Congress probably does understand the law of supply and demand but just doesn't have the spine to resist billionaires.

As mentioned in prior notes, H-1B is unmistakeably a tool to flood the programming market with cheap labor to keep wages down.

What surprises me most, given all the high minded rhetoric one hears about helping "the developing world," is no one ever seems to mention that US immigration policies work to strip poor countries of their intelligentsia and commercial talent.

Comment undetectable torture (Score 1) 768

Duh, what if there were undetectable, unprovable ways to torture or coerce you into confessing? Like,say, you suspect the authorities will whisper that they'll kill your mother next year if you don't confess now. Duh, couldn't you invoke your 5th amendment right to remove their incentive?

Comment Re:there's a reason for patents (Score 1) 315

You seem to think somebody is giving points on debate technique. No one is. And I kind of like a little fist pounding now and again.

You're just argumentative like so many others here. When you have something to add, some hair to split, some fine distinction you think cries out for elaboration, you don't have to start out with stuff like "not quite." There's also "another aspect is," "also" or even just " ."

Patents are supposed to be what I said and also what you said. There's no argument. There's just you, pursuing your strange little hobby.

Comment Re:there's a reason for patents (Score 1) 315

Let me see if I have this straight. Low-payed but passionate engineers invent for pleasure while living on wages from high-payed MBAs and lawyers who promptly patent any of those inventions they think might actually make money (plus a lot of others just to have ammo to fire back at infringement suits)? Sounds right to me. But that doesn't mean patents aren't meant to incentivise inventors. I think that's even written down somewhere.

BTW I don't think anyone in these 300 or so comments so far has advocated for the present system.

Also, if those engineers are so damned smart why ain't they rich.

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