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Comment Communism (Score 1) 410

100 million dead can't be wrong

Let's try it again! The world has 7 billion people to and we can spare another 100 million, right? Surely all the decades of forced ideology by dozens of countries just weren't done the /right/ way. With the patented new and improved right way we can do it right this time. This time we'll do it with 1/3rd fewer dead people!!! /zombie apocalypse //one guaranteed way to make communism work

Comment Re:Huh (Score 1, Insightful) 96

GOP is done, and has been for awhile - as a party. From the ashes will be Trump and whatever falls after. Probably after the damage there will be a Libertarian movement from the ashes of both the GOP and DNC types - small government with urban liberal independent views and a mix of rural "don't tread of me" folk. Either way, first you must deal with the massive multi-billon dollar onslaught that Zuckerberg and Soros will be throwing. THEY ARE GOING FOR BROKE to ensure Clinton wins. They must, to SURVIVE!!! This is where it gets real fucking dangerous. You all haven't seen nothing -yet- from these two spawns of Satan.

Comment DARPA is normally bleeding edge (Score 2, Interesting) 89

Bot's have been battling like this for many years. A decade ago I was taking agents and using them to create self healing networks when I traveled as a consultant. I picked up and used a number of tricks used by botnet operators. I took the logic used to keep a botnet up and running and used that on corporate networks.

I automated the works, and did so with nothing more than a set of scripts and set of agents. You could well argue the result was black hat botnets battling corp botnets. I have got to imagine that I was far from the first to build something like this. Without doubt blackhat botnets have battled blackhat botnets for control for many years.

Where's the innovation, using a supercomputer?

Comment Re:It's Simple Economics (Score 1) 180

The cold hard factual brutal reality of the situation of SanFran is this: This is the city of the young college graduate working campus. It's the first place you go as a professional first to cut your teeth on prior to leaving to another state/city to get married, have children, and settle down. SanFran will ALWAYS have a perpetual flow of a young expendable *cheap* workforce. Now add to the fact you've got unlimited H1Bs living in communes for the very same reason (prior to going back home to China and India) and you've got exactly what simple is of San Fran - a giant youth working campus/city. IT IS NOT A PLACE TO RAISE A FAMILY!!

Comment Sanders sold out (Score 1) 644

Sanders was an outsider taking on the elites and the political establishment. Hillary is the establishment, she is the perennial insider candidate. It will be interesting to see how many of Sanders supporters stay true to their ideals and refuse to vote for the women they spent months campaigning against. /do Bernie Sanders fans care about corruption?

Comment I Know Where The 22,000 Went! (Score 5, Funny) 474

They are all walking my neighborhood playing Pokenmon Go. Every freaking one of them.

But really, 22,000 humans making Twinkies and Ding Dongs is a major waste of humanity. I could justify having like 13,500 making Snowballs, cuzz those rocked.

I get really strange results in 2016 when I Google twinkie, snowball, ding dong, and cupcake. Mom!!!!!

Comment Absurd premise (Score 0) 983

Why should the police be forced to expose themselves to someone who already killed several cops? He claimed to have several bombs, stated a desire to continue killing (white people - making it a hate crime) and refused to surrender for at least an hour. It simply wasn't safe to risk walking up to him to try using a taser. Who can reasonably tell how many bombs might be hidden in this premeditated murder spree?

The concept of lining up and exposing yourself to danger went out of style well over a century ago. This isn't a sporting match where you're trying to give the other guy a chance to score. This isn't Hollywood, it is real life, with several very real people already murdered. There is no sane reason that anyone should have had to risk their life just to try to overpower this killer.

Comment No. This is an unprecedented shit in nothing. (Score 0, Flamebait) 983

It is a remotely-controlled device, jury rigged for a purpose that is not at all its use.

I know people will become uncontrollably outraged about this, but it's a standoff weapon. Just like a spear, a bow and arrow, an explosive tossed through a door or window, a gun, or even a vehicle employed as a weapon.

The legal standard for lethal force is the same. Beware of academics or other commentators who will claim this is some kind of new territory for which there is no legal standard and that we have no idea how to approach.

But by all means: pretend this is an "Unprecedented Shift in Policing" instead of an improvisation under nightmarish circumstances.

Comment Re:Laptops and the Steam Link (Score 1) 162

Oh, you could do that, but then again, it's not console gaming. Console gaming typically implies a level playing field were all gamers (local or online) have the same controller, same platform/specs, and the same resolution. Out of fairness, I'd imagine these new "Plus" console editions to pair players up in the same game so as to not leave other players at a disadvantage. With PC gaming, anything goes with your own rig spec wise.

Comment Re:Average car? (Score 2) 622

It's the dealers. They add in all sorts of fucking bullshit like lifetime nitrogen for the tires (Honda civic), or bolt-on running boards (Toyota RAV4, wtf?) that have insane profit margins. Wherever the sales guy falls short, the finance dept will make up for via some numerical wizardry and voodoo. After TTL, yeah, I can totally see that going up to 34k for a decent family car!

You will never pay MSRP, because MSRP doesn't include bullshit! Bullshit costs an extra 10% above and beyond what you expected!!!

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