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Comment Re:Not, "Can this work?" It's, "WHERE can this wor (Score 1) 134

Helicopters are a general-purpose aircraft. If you only needed 50 mile range you could probably make a purpose-built hybrid-powered shuttle with better economics than a chopper. And the generation growing up today will be used to the idea of drone quads. This could be a thing in my lifetime ... though I won't be investing in it just yet.

Comment Not, "Can this work?" It's, "WHERE can this work?" (Score 1) 134

There's already infrastructure in place for VTOL aircraft in cities: Helipads on rooftops. Hospitals have them.

Cost isn't (as much of) an issue for Uber. They don't do sales, they do for-hire.

If someone could plug into the existing Uber app and provide another selection to the right for "VTOL", you think they wouldn't do brisk business in New York? Hell, shuttle service from downtown to the airports alone would more than pay for it.

Comment Re:Yeah but there's a whole world out there (Score 4, Insightful) 851

You really want to pay more for your groceries, for your deliveries, for your repairs, for ... well, pretty much anything?

Aside from the moral issue of uprooting established illegals that have made a life for themselves over the last 10 year, to answer your question economically, YES YES and YES! When you import cheap labor, not only are you leaving Americans without an opportunity to earn a living, you now drive wages into the ground and force all those effected into taking more government assistance. That assistance is payed for by the tax payer. And who shoulders the cost? The broad numbers of the middle-class. As such, the disparity between the rich and poo/middle class is growing exponentially!

Pay now, or pay dearly later, but we all WILL PAY in the end.

Comment Re:How efficient is hydrogen really? (Score 1) 199

The problem with using hydrogen in an ICE is an issue with 'hydrogen embrittlement'. It basically causes cracks to form in steel. In the case of a Wankel, a steel based apex seal would have a short life. I'm not sure what hydrogen would do to a more expensive silicon nitride apex seal however over its life.

With regards to why hydrogen is more efficient in an ICE; I think it has to do with detonation duration and time in the chamber. With a piston, there longer travel time for the gases to detonate and expand. In a Wankel engine, only 1/3rd of rotary is traveling (rotating) during the combustion phase, so a shorter duration in the chamber is an advantage here.

Comment Re:"Activist" judges? (Score 0, Troll) 436

Want a chance of smacking this down via SCOTUS?? Do *NOT* elect Hillary Clinton!!! SCOTUS will be undergoing a generational change, and the next POTUS will be picking replacements.

This next election is not about Trump or Hillary; this election is about remaining a sovereign country with our constitutional rights, or not! Choose wisely.

Comment Re:Help Wanted (Score 1) 138

1. NK views Trump as a threat to their regime, thereby hoping Hillary Clinton wins by getting the voter to turn on Trump.
2. NK is taking the diplomatic approach ahead of time in the event Trump does become the next President.

This tells me, go vote Trump! =)

Comment Yiip Yap (Score 3, Interesting) 129

It seems every time someone discovers how to do old thing on a new medium and it makes news. Put missiles on a drone, bully someone online, use a new technology to commit a heinous crime? All of these things received widespread news coverage, when they are really nothing more than pencils with erasers:

In reality these are human nature stories, not technology stories. There is nothing new here, just the combination of things that have already been invented. I want to hear about innovation and invention, not pencil erasers. This is a technology site and should be better than this.

Comment Re: As the US surrenders control of DNS (Score 2) 237

Except, from TFA, "The data I see suggests China, an assessment shared by the people I spoke with."

But that's impossible in your has to be the US. It could never be a US adversary with principles that run decided counter to internet freedom, human rights, and so on. Clearly this is a US effort to leave itself a capability to "take down the internet", when we are the ones ceding control of ICANN and IANA.

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