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Submission + - SPAM: Software update for your old Android Phone 1

ravindra.joisa writes: "Manufacturers of Android smartphones often won’t provide an updated, custom version of the operating system for models they no longer sell, so users can’t take advantage of new features. For older phones, there’s a workaround: CyanogenMod, a free OS built from the source code for the latest versions of Android that Google releases to developers. CyanogenMod is very similar to the official Android platform, but it includes a few extra features, such as Wi-Fi tethering, a screenshot tool, and more security and power-management settings. Many users also say it runs faster than their phone’s original Android software."
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Comment Such 'demos' should be illegal. (Score 2) 273

(sarcasm) Well, the obvious solution is to prosecute Randy for violation of some type of copyright/jail-breaking/illegal use law. If we don't have one yet for this -- we can write one quickly! No need to have people worry about this type of stuff. Our economy is in shambles, we need people to use their cards! You can't grow GDP without breaking a few eggs! (/sarcasm)

Comment What, they can be friends offline! (Score 1) 415

I'm scandalized. Thank God the Government stepped in to control this type of fraternizing with students! But it doesn't make sense, they can still be friends "offline"??? Should the Government allow that? It really should be studied. What about being friendly outside of school -- sounds questionable. Could be risky.....

Submission + - Possible UFO "disk" found on ocean floor. (

JohnMurtari writes: "Swedish sea treasure hunters have found something extraordinary: A 60-foot disc sunk in the bottom of the ocean, with what appears to be 985-foot-long impact tracks leading to it. The team leader never found anything like it:

        "You see a lot of weird stuff in this job but during my 18 years as a professional I have never seen anything like this. The shape is completely round a circle."

Those are the words of Peter Lindberg, commander of the Ocean Explorer. He and his team found the strange disc on June 19 2011, at 285 feet below the surface of the Botnia Gulf, which is located somewhere between Finland and Sweden in the Baltic."


Submission + - .NET Gadgeteer - Microsoft's Arduino killer? (

mikejuk writes: .NET Gadgeteer is a new open source platform, from Microsoft Research, based on the use of the .NET Micro Framework. It brings with it lots of hardware modules that are backed by object oriented software. You simply buy the modules you need — switches, GPS, WiFi etc — that you need and plug them together. The software, based on C#, is also open source, and comes with classes that let you use the modules without having to go "low level". It seems like a really easy way to prototype new gadgets (see the videos).
Is this an Arduino killer?


Submission + - Facebook bans baby satire on Libya and Free Speech (

JohnMurtari writes: "Found a good "remix" of political commentary at a site and tried posting it to my Facebook account. I got a message saying it was "banned" material:
    "This message contains blocked content that has previously been flagged as abusive or spammy"

I wondered what droid on their staff found it 'offensive'. A week ago I asked them to remove the block (following their directions), but nothing.

I know "free speech" rights don't apply to "companies" and God know I probably agreed to give all my rights up by signing up for Facebook ... maybe we do need to extend Free Speech to social media?"

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - IMF Chief Calls on US to Raise Borrowing Limit (

fysdt writes: "The International Monetary Fund's new chief foresees "real nasty consequences" for the U.S. and global economies if the U.S. fails to raise its borrowing limit.

Christine Lagarde, the first woman to head the lending institution, said in an interview broadcast Sunday that it would cause interest rates to rise and stock markets to fall. That would threaten an important IMF goal, which is preserving stability in the world economy, she said.

The U.S. borrowing limit is $14.3 trillion. Obama administration officials say the U.S. would begin to default without an agreement by Aug. 2.

Lagarde, who took over as managing director July 5, also addressed the fallout stemming from the sexual assault charges filed against her predecessor, Dominique Strauss-Kahn."


Submission + - Watch IBM's Watson on Jeopardy - tonight! (

JohnMurtari writes: Calling all computer geeks! Don't miss watching IBM's Watson compete on Jeopardy against two of the best "human" players they've ever had.

Check for more details from IBM. This could be it — the computer that can finally talk and answer ambiguous questions. Who needs another search engine when IBM markets Watson?


Capcom 'Saddened' By Game Plagiarism Controversy 163

Capcom's recent release of action platformer Maxsplosion for the iPhone caused indie developer Twisted Pixel to call Capcom out for copying the concept from their successful Xbox Live game 'Splosion Man. Twisted Pixel said they had no plans for legal action, since they were "too small to take on a company like Capcom." The indie studio had even pitched the game to Capcom for publishing at one point, but were declined. Now, Capcom has released a statement denying that Maxsplosion's development team had any knowledge of the meetings and saying, "MaXplosion was developed independently by Capcom Mobile. Nonetheless, we are saddened by this situation and hope to rebuild the trust of our fans and friends in the gaming community."

Embedded Linux 1-Second Cold Boot To QT 141

An anonymous reader writes "The blog post shows an embedded device cold booting Linux to a QT application all in just one second. This post also includes a link which describes what modifications were made to achieve this."

Submission + - The United States of Google Autocomplete (

JohnMurtari writes: This is what happens when someone has a lot of time on their hands. A beautiful map of the United States with states named using what Google suggests .... and yes, you can still feel bad for people from New Jersey! Google had a very functional suggestion.

High Fructose Corn Syrup To Get a Makeover 646

An anonymous reader writes "With its sweetener linked to obesity, some cancers and diabetes, the Corn Refiners Association (CRA) doesn't want you to think 'fructose' when you see high fructose corn syrup in your soda, ketchup or pickles. Instead, the AP reports, the CRA submitted an application to the FDA, hoping to change the name of their top-selling product to 'corn sugar.'"

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