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Submission + - Now available as ebook: The LaTeX Companion 2nd edition

Hamburg writes: The famous LaTeX Companion in its second edition is now available in ebook formats: EPUB, MOBI, and PDF.
There's no DRM protection, the ebook is just watermarked.
That book is a classic one, now we can see how this LaTeX made book of more than a thousand pages looks in modern ebook formats on iPad, Android tablets, and smartphones.
Until the end of October, there's a promotion price for the the bundle in those three formats — you can get it for just $14.99. Or get a free copy: you can win one at a just launched contest on, running from Oct 20 to Nov 10, 2013.

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 1) 99

Hey! Your site is awesome - it's only been down once so far when I have tried to use it.

One question - how do you make the decision of when to update the preview? I've found that it's a little over-eager - I have had multiple updates cascade while typing a single sentence, and since it's not an immediate update (and I'd be shocked if it was, since it isn't for desktop LaTeX ;-) that seems like extra cycles for not much benefit.

Thanks - and sorry you found the site down once, that's one more time than we're aiming for! At the moment the decision on preview updates is fairly simplistic, but we're continuously updating things behind the scenes to make it "cleverer" :-) We've also had requests from some users to be able to turn it off (so they can decide when to update), which makes sense, and we've lots more options/tweaks to add to the UI. In fact, this weekend we've finally finished a package of updates on the front end, which we're aiming to roll out very shortly - so when you check back next week you should see a couple of handy improvements!

Comment Re:fantastic idea, working with files could be eas (Score 1) 99

Thanks for the comments - accepting .eps files (and some other improvements to file management) are on our work-in-progress list (I'm one of the developers at writeLaTeX). We've been rolling out updates fairly regularly, and so the site will continue to evolve and (hopefully) improve over the coming weeks and months.

Comment Thanks from us at WriteLaTeX (Score 2) 99

Thanks to Timothy for posting about writeLaTeX on here - I'm one of the developers and just got in from my Valentines day meal out to see the post! It's great to see the whole cloud-based LaTeX community taking off (as others have pointed out, there are lots of options out there for online LaTeX editing) - we've done a lot of work with the guys at and to allow all of their LaTeX examples to be opened in writeLaTeX with a single click for editing and sharing - we hope this is helping new and existing LaTeX users work together more effectively. Thanks for all the feedback - more to come from us soon, so we hope you like what we've done so far :-) John

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 5, Interesting) 99

Most exciting thing I've seen all day! Right now I use a subversion repository to collaborate with my coauthors, but my advisor isn't very technical and can't seem to figure it out half the time. This is going to be much easier.

Thanks - we've designed writeLaTeX to make it easier to collaborate especially with users who are new to LaTeX or used to WYSIWYG editors. (I'm one of the developers of writeLaTeX and have just returned from my valentine meal out to find us on slashdot!!) Hope the site has been performing ok during the spike in traffic, and if you've any questions just let me know or contact us through the site. Any and all feedback appreciated! John

Submission + - Collaborative LaTeX editor with Preview in your web browser ( 1

Celarent Darii writes: Slashdot readers have undoubtably heard of Google Docs and the many other online word processing solutions that run in the browser. However, as a long-time user of TeX and LaTeX, these solutions are not my favorite way of doing things. Wouldn't it be nice to TeX something in your browser? Well, look no further, there is now a Online collaborative LaTeX editor with integrated rapid preview. Some fantastic features: quasi-instant preview, automatic versioning of source, easy collaboration and you can even upload files and pictures. Download your project later when you get home. Are you a TeX guru with some masterpieces? Might I suggest uploading them? For the beginner: you can start here.

Full disclosure: I am not affiliated with the site in anyway, just a fan. Hope exposure on Slashdot gets the word out on this great resource, which is very useful while travelling!

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