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Comment Re:Time travel leads to Parallel universes that ma (Score 1) 421

Kind of true, this is what I believe after 10 years of personal experience and experimentation.
Paradoxes are not possible because time, as a whole, isn't linear. That is just how our senses perceive it in 3 dimensional space. Each time line is personal and relative to the observer. "Time as a whole" is more like an infinitely dense tangled web.

I travel forward in a linear manner to kill my father in the past. The "me" that would have been born isn't actually the same me as the traveler, the traveler continues on through time in a linear manner the world forming around them.
Once you start to travel away from your original time line you can never get back. (I should actually say "more generic time line", because you never leave your own personal time line)
It appears to be a many worlds universe but on the larger scale it is not, everything that was or will be... is.

Comment This could be a very bad thing (Score 1) 372

This will leave many large populations ripe for the picking. The next real threat will not be planned for. Sting a politician once like this and see how they react the next time, especially if the population and media starts bitching about wasteful spending. If I were an evil organization who has a stated goal of population control, and I had a virus I would be releasing it now. The real problem is the stupidity of the deals cut. If you buy xxx amount of vaccine (that isn't yet produced ) there should be a clause to cancel the order, or at the very least cancel the production and shift the balance of the payment to a future vaccines production.

Comment Re:Will get over it. (Score 2, Insightful) 61

I agree, but the same can be said for most modern games. You can't fail, there is no real death or setback. Most games have a low difficulty factor and even if you do die there is no real penalty. As a result the modern games play out like animated movies. In an effort to reduce a players frustration the big game houses have produced games that offer no challenge and therefore no feeling of accomplishment / reward for completing the game. Ever complete Ghosts n Goblins ? that made you feel good, not everyone can do it without cheats. Three lives sparingly added to and not recovered at the end of each level. If you die - give the player a choice to give up an inventory item (as if you were mugged) or go back to the beginning of a level- make it a penalty of some kind. I stopped playing single player games for this very reason, out smarting a human player is a better challenge, though people in games become predictable after a while too. At least when you fail in a MP game it is a good honest failure.... you lose .

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