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Comment Wave goodbye to the Sourcefire you knew until now (Score 1) 38

It seems that specialised IDS/IPS vendors that get bought up by generalised players dramatically drop off in quality soon after. The generalised players just don't look after their new acquisitions as well as they ran themselves when they were independent.

It happened with ISS when IBM bought them and happened with Tipping Point when HP bought them.

Given Cisco's track record I have little faith that Sourcefire will be as good as it was.

Comment Re:Another question I would like to ask a korean (Score 1) 213

Let's start with the fact that your wording doesn't actually reflect what was said by the news anchor nor what he intended. A better translation would be to equate it to an american news anchor saying " .. fortunately no americans were among the deceased". Would you raise a furore about that? Hardly.

To put a more illustrative example of why this particular cultural stereotyping is offensive, how would you feel if someone were to ask why "westeners" are "culturally inclined to spread malicious rumours and twist the truth"?

Let's be blunt you'd be offended, and the "cultural" arguments that are being put forward are equally as offensive as the hypothetical example above.

Comment Re:That's ok, because... (Score 1) 213

To generalise your point, would you also suggest that americans aren't entitled to comment on their own culture and that only outsiders can see clearly? Or do we have a double standard at play?

I can assure you that the myth that americans are straightforward and don't avoid issues (to take one example from personal experience) is a load of toss.

Comment Re:Comment on Korean pilots (Score 1) 213

And yet most reputable sources rate korean airlines as being some of the best in the world at training and pilot capabilities. Even if your story, and let's be blunt it's just an unsubstantiated story at best (posted as AC? No link? really?), were true it remains one man's opinion. If that man's opinion were true then why aren't asiana flights falling out of the sky regularly? Why do other airlines, who have their own pilots (far superior to asiana's if we believe this tale) to make informed judgements, continue to have code-sharing arrangements with asiana? Simply put this story doesn't pass the sniff test.

Comment Re:"If this was Microsoft" (Score 1) 186

Perhaps we're talking about different aspects of the probe but as you can see the probes against Google are not part of some grand conspiracy, korean companies are investigated just as closely if there's suspicion that they've broken the law.

Grand conspiracies might exist but I'm pretty sure that this is not one.

Comment Re:"If this was Microsoft" (Score 1) 186

You're mistaken, the original investigation against Google was in regards to illegal data collection.

Both local and foreign companies are under investigation for this type of activity, per

Hours later, SMPA investigators also conducted a surprise raid on the headquarters of local portal site Daum on similar suspicions. The investigators confiscated hard drives and other documents during their raid on Daum's Seoul office in Hannam-dong, central Seoul.

Google seems to have hindered the investigators from what's being said, something that none of the other companies under investigation have done. Not sure how you can link that with protectionism or some kind of bias.

Comment Where's the lawsuit? (Score 1) 227

Isn't Samsung being sued because the Galaxy Tab "supposedly copied" the look-and-feel of the iPad?

Yet the hiPhone (and other chinese rip-offs, including that fake apple store in china) blatantly advertises itself as an iPhone clone and seems to get away with it scott free.

You'd think that with the amount of money Apple has in their coffers they'd have an official or two in their pocket to make sure that the hiPhone manufacturers are being kept in line ..

Comment Re:Title Fail (Score 2) 51

Except for the fact that chinese hackers (some working for the chinese government) are known to be attacking the rest of the world. For example,

It's always possible that activity from a chinese IP may be non-chinese, but suffice to say that the chinese haven't done themselves any favours reputation-wise in the field of computer security.

Comment Re:Dodgy conclusions... (Score 2) 90

Exactly, the batch of attacks experienced lately by korean institutions is a clear indicator that there are third parties involved here.

Having said that the root cause is the negligence of security by both individuals and organizations, but that's no different from any other coutnry in the world .. it just so happens that korea has both very high bandwidth available and very high uptake of the available bandwidth, ie. they're just further ahead in the curve than other countries are regarding the internet, both good and bad aspects.

Comment Re:It's a Samsung subsidy (Score 1) 123

Quite an obvious japanese troll, I shouldn't be responding to this slanderous drivel but I'll bite ..

Exactly, ever tried to find an Apple Store in Seoul ? Or see people with iPhone in the streets ?

Nobody's stopping anyone from building an Apple Store (or a store for any foreign company/franchise, which there are plenty of). The fact remains that Apple simply isn't in sufficiently high demand in Korea, PCs dominate.

In regards to iphones, they're not actually unpopular, depite your allegations, but oddly enough smartphones live and die through their apps and iphones have no advantage in that regard. If anything they have a disadvantage because korean language resources are more extensive for smart phones made by korean companies (surprise! surprise!)

Or people driving ANYTHING but a korean car (Hyunday/Samsung/... whatever) ?

Oddly enough cars made in korea are cheaper in korea, just like cars manufactured in the US are cheaper there .. which is exactly why most cars in the US (regardless of brand) are made in the US in actuality.

Another factor is that if you look closely you'll find that most korean car manufacturers have significant foreign ownership .. far more than japanese car companies in fact, but you're obviously not going to complain about that.

See what happened with Apple and Samsung case ?

You mean how Apple started a litigation war against Samsung? What does apple being dicks have to do with koreans?

Now we reach the crux of what your slandering was setting the stage for, spreading misinformation in regards to japan's past and present behaviour ..

Do you seriously believe younger people should continue to complain about what Japan or any country did during WWII ?

All right-minded and moral people, regardless of age or ethnicity, should condemn japan.

The red herring in your comment (and that of many japan fanboy trolls) is that it's implied that japan of now is somehow different from the japan of WW2. It is not, let me quote a few examples:

- Discrimination for those not seen to be "japanese": This includes both 4th-generation-born-in-japan koreans as well as ethnic japanese that are foreign born, eg. brazilian japanese. To give you an example, zainichi were strongly discriminated against for even using their korean names.

Basically this image of what constitues "japanese" recalls the "true" german being tall, blonde, and blue eyed that the Nazi party espoused.

FUKUOKA, Yasunori of Saitama University is a specialist on the systematic discrimination of Zainichi (koreans born in japan), and David Suzuki co-authored "The Japan we never knew" to bring light to the discrimination that non-"japanese" face.

- Imperialistic policies and historical revision: Japan itself has not repented their imperialistic actions in WW2, indeed it continues to laud them through their constant visits to Yasunuki shrine and their textbook revisions

In April, which marked the 62nd anniversary of the start of the only ground battle in Japan’s main islands during World War II, the education ministry directed publishers of history textbooks to alter descriptions of the mass suicides, specifically eliminating references to the Imperial Japanese military’s direct role.

Such editing would eliminate accounts that soldiers gave civilians hand grenades and instructed them to kill themselves rather than submit to the Americans.

Hirishi Matsuda, chairman of the union, said the teachers want original descriptions of the suicides left in the textbooks.

Matsuda said that the petition drive has received support throughout Japan. Of the 70,000 signatures, 53,000 were from the mainland.

Earlier this month, about 1,000 people staged a rally in Naha sponsored by the teachers’ union. They marched down Kokusai Street in the city’s crowded shopping area chanting, “Don’t distort the reality of the Battle of Okinawa!”

In the past week, the villages of Tokashiki, Ie Shima, Nago and Nishihara added their objections to the textbook change.

“It is an undeniable fact that the mass suicides could not have occurred were it not for an order, coercion, manipulation or other acts by the Japanese military,” the Tokashiki assembly’s resolution stated.

Do you see many Europeans demonstrating against Germany's acts of war during WWII ?

Another red-herring .. Germany has shown genuine contrition by making atonements to their victims and more importantly by educating its people on what happened. Japan on the other hand deliberately seeks to obfuscate history and foster animosity against "foreigners".

If japan ever takes the road of attonement that Germany has, then I might agree with you, but before then condemnation is deserved.

There's a time where people should look forward and stop blaming their misfortune on the past.

NIce, so you agree that Shintaro Ishida (governor of Tokyo) should be censured for his racist and militaristic actions? You can preach when he stops being elected with massive majorities.

Korea's economy is terrible but they still try to put on the blame on other countries, go figure...

Another red-herring, the censure of japan has nothing to do with economics but has everything to do with notions of right and wrong, which you obviously have no idea about.

Basically your complaints and slandering is like apartheid south africa complaining that people didn't like them .. if you don't like it then you're welcome to change.

Submission + - Spanish MAFFIA's President Arrested (

An anonymous reader writes: The president and its closest recently reelected on the spanish MAFIAA (the SGAE: Sociedad General de Autores y Editores [Autors and Editors General Society]) have been arrested accused on fraud and other charges.

Comment Re:14% increase of $1/hr = $1.14/hr (Score 1) 422

But you also have to factor in that everything is that much more expensive .. a fast food meal (burger, chips, drink) is about 10 dollars. Housing is similarly expensive. It's not much good to get paid a lot of money if you don't really get much left over after expenses.

But having said that $5 per hour is pretty low.

Comment Re:Replayability and multiplayer are related! (Score 1) 231

and core gamers far more likely to continue happily playing on two-, three- or even four-year-old PCs than they were in the past....

What? People played starcraft for ten years! What about Diablo 2? Warcraft 3? Age of Empires? All these have in common two things: First, they're from related genres, which just comes to show my ignorance on other genres. Second, they have really strong multiplayer, which adds replayability far beyond that provided by a good story.

Good point, I think you can add modability to the list of characteristics of games that live for a long time .. I was just playing a Rome Total War (initially released in 2004) mod today, and frankly it stands up better 'playability' wise than the latest iteration of the series.

The pressures of the development and release cycles mean that most games are released somewhat half to nearly finished state, with many having release day patches, so it generally takes in the order of years for a game (plus expansions) to reach where it can be considered done from a development status. Add gameplay updates by modders, eg. graphical refreshes, story extension or unit rebalancing, and that adds a few more years to the life of a game.

There's hundreds of games released every year, yet those that have some unique characteristic seem to live for a long time. You might generalise that as a 'community', be it a multiplayer community or a modding community .. these games live a long time.

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