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Comment Re:But what created the law of gravity? (Score 0) 1328

Immanuel Kant's Critique of Pure Reason is a good read for those who live by logic alone. Modern science likes to think that everything is logical, we have just not determined the algorithm. People do illogical things everyday and readily admit it, so how do you logically explain that. You can have an imaginary friend, so why can’t you have a God. By the way, thanks for the insightful analysis. Maybe add a little radiation and chemo to your ontological thingy. Gotta go, they’re calling me to take my meds now.

Comment The problem with science is scientists. (Score 1) 1328

The problem with science is scientists. Too many have the notion that if you can't measure something, then it doesn't exist. But they readily admit their math does not even add up and they can't predict the weather more than seven days in advance. Schrodinger came up with a cat experiment to show the limitations of quantum theory, but some respected scientists will tell you that a cat can be both dead and alive simultaneously. Now nothing exists until you measure it is the mantra. At the same time every possibility exists somewhere. This latter is, of course, their mathematical answer to free will. If there is no God, then genocide is a viable and acceptable option for curing global warming and suspected other ills. Genetic engineering for creating a species that can traverse the galactic voids and avoid impending annihilation would be the most logical course of action. A God that predetermined everything must be as large as the universe, which is equivalent to saying that God is the universe. A God that can allow free will and structure amid chaos must be a God that can laugh and cry. If there exists no God, there exists no greater purpose for all of this; and all of this sound and fury signifies nothing. Proving there can be no God cannot stop humans from wanting there to be one – or for keeping our control freak government from trying to create one.

Comment Re:Don't Hold Your Breath (Score 1) 105

c, kinda. The assumption that the majority of intersteller space is a vacuum is probably flawed. The effect of pressure in the formulae needs to be considered. If you assume that pressure in a black hole approaches infinity, the Planck constant (h) will also approach infinity. Unless of course, it (h) has properties like crystals which breakdown when certain levels of pressure are applied.

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