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Comment Re: from the particular to the general (Score 2, Informative) 233

"Flash sucks bleep on Linux, because Adobe apparently hates Linux or something. "

No, your assumption is mistaken... in fact, Linux is becoming more important to Flash over the next year, as smartphones and televisions introduce new configurations.

For performance which is slower than other machines, first try checking for background processes or browser chokepoints... that's easier than checking for hardware which creates the difference.

Then look into the Player betas, feedback process. If we can make your slowdown happen in the shop too, then we'd want to try to ameliorate that situation within the common Player, thanks.


Comment Re:And where exactly is moonlight? (Score 1) 335

No, sorry, it was a little different... when Adobe Flash Player 10 was released last October it was Mac, Win and Linux, all 32-bit. Linux was the first to reap work on 64-bit addressing in a preview release at labs.adobe.com, but a few weeks later. More info at blogs.adobe.com/penguin.swf .


Comment Re:Eyes wide shut (Score 1) 242

re: "As you can imagine, Apple, MS and Adobe are not really happy about this, as they obviously would like their patented technology to be used in HTML 5"

From what I've seen, folk at Adobe are pretty neutral about Ogg Theora. If it serves peoples needs, and if it enables more communication, that's all for the better. Anyone can already publish their own H.264 video though... most of the benefit seems to be for new video tools which could avoid license fees for high-performance codecs. Future licensing changes for H.264 are murky to me, hard to predict. Biggest risk seems to be Theora-only websites, but most everyone seems to be double-encoding.

Still, the more choice, the better... no problem with Ogg Theora here!


Comment Re: MLB.com experiences (Score 1) 500

re: "This year they decided to switched back to a Flash-based player ON OPENING DAY. Unfortunately, the new player doesn't work either, and in many ways was worse than the silverlight player, requiring additional installation plugins for HD capabilities"

The new video backend and distribution system (as well as the new client) were used throughout Spring Training. The biggest problem this spring was the installation of the separate NexDef stream manager, which was also a difficulty during previous seasons... overall the forums were much, much happier this year:

Thanks for the link to the Huffington Post piece. It describes the Gameday Audio system, which is not the Flash video client or interactive display.

(For what it's worth, I had been impressed with the support staff at the MLB.com forums.)


Comment Re: Summary of citizenship questions (Score 1) 709

Taxpayers have repeatedly asked the candidate to establish his eligibility -- just the normal birth certificate, passport history, citizenship history. The campaign has repeatedly gone to court to have these requests dismissed on lack of standing. Seeing such normal citizenship documents hidden is unprecedented, particularly for a politician, but going to court to keep them hidden is the point which first caught my attention.

The citizenship questions are numerous and reasonable:

-- Obama's half-sister Maya also has a Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth, like the Kos/Factcheck document. She was admittedly born in Indonesia. (Hawaii COLBs are registrations, rather than actual hospital documents, and foreign births qualify.)

-- No record has been found of the hospital in Hawaii where he was born... no doctor, no nurses have stepped forward and said they were there. The birth announcement in a local newspaper listed an address, and neighbors say they don't remember such a family at that address. His sister Maya has claimed two different birth hospitals in Hawaii. The lack of witnesses is not conclusive, just strange. Releasing the normal documents would help clear it up.

-- The campaign's fightthesmears.com website still says that at one time he held British citizenship, which seems to conflict with the office's requirement for "natural-born citizenship":

-- June 2008 an Associated Press reporter photographed Obama's school record in Indonesia. It listed him as a citizen of Indonesia. People say Indonesian schools did not accept non-citizens at the time. This is the only formal record still public of his citizenship.

-- He mentioned a visit to Pakistan during college. Some say this was off-limits to Americans at that time, but accessible to citizens of Indonesia. The first US passport we know of him holding was as a US senator much later. Opening up his passport record and travel history could help this issue go away.

-- School records are all withheld. Other politicians regularly release their grades. Some question whether he received foreign-student aid. Opening up school records, as other candidates do, could clear up this issue.

-- Media coverage of the questions has severely distorted the issues. This sometimes happens spontaneously, but....

Just opening up the normal citizenship records, to the normal degree, would have cleared away all these questions long ago. Yet there is unprecedented opacity. An open forum on "open government" would naturally draw these as prime questions.

"Why is it taboo?" Because questioners are personally attacked. Ad hominem, not ad rem. Scary.

(And yes, it is staggering that opposition candidates, media, and even "right wing bloggers" would attack or distort such questions. But the questions themselves are simple, reasonable, and answerable. The implications are significant.)

The Internet

HTML 5 As a Viable Alternative To Flash? 541

superglaze writes "Jon von Tetzchner, Opera's CEO, has claimed that the open standards in HTML 5 will make it unnecessary to deliver rich media content using the proprietary Flash. '"You can do most things with web standards today," von Tetzchner said. "In some ways, you may say you don't need Flash." Von Tetzchner added that his comments were not about "killing" Flash. "I like Adobe — they're a nice company," he said. "I think Flash will be around for a very, very long time, but I think it's natural that web standards also evolve to be richer. You can then choose whether you'd like [to deliver rich media content] through web standards or whether you'd like to use Flash."'"

Comment Re:Do people even still use Acrobat Reader? (Score 1) 87

"... i thought that they would atleast fix the major flaws in flashplayer by version 9 and im still with version 10 able to use the same exploits i used in flash 7."

Hi, if you think you know of an old flaw that no one has noticed, could you drop a note to the security team, please?

tx, jd/adobe

Comment Re:Bad forecast (Score 1) 383

Actually, a forecast from even one year ago turned out to be less optimistic than facts would later warrant:

March 2008: "Adobe Flash Lite has shipped on over half a billion devices and with 150% growth over last year we expect to reach 1 billion devices by 2010."
[Bill works at Nokia now, but worked at Adobe then.]

January 2009: "Cumulative shipments of Flash-Lite enabled cellphones hit an estimated 961 million units at the of December 2008, up 489 million units over the previous year. With a current run-rate of over 40 million new shipments per month, Strategy Analytics estimates that the 1 billion figure will have been reached by the end of January 2009."

The iPhone seems to have dramatically helped shipments of Flash Lite, by spurring other manufacturers to realize that "Experience Matters".



Ogg Theora In Firefox, With Wikimedia Support 339

An anonymous reader writes "Ogg Theora support for the HTML5 <video> tag is in the Firefox 3.1 nightlies. Theora is the only video format allowed on Wikimedia Commons, so Wikimedia people are pushing Wikipedia readers to download a nightly and try it out. Break it, crash it, report bugs, get it into good shape and nullify Apple and Nokia's FUD the best way possible. They may have gotten the words 'Vorbis' and 'Theora' removed from the HTML5 spec, but the market will tell them when their browsers are sucking."

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