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Comment Re:Jammed (Score 1) 176

Yes!! Very likely narrow High power RF pulses in a random manner would disrupt a GPs system and show no ill effects other than reduced receiver sensitivity on other types of receivers GPS unlike other communications systems relies on nanosecond pulse timing and such random pulses would harm it and not disrupt other communications that rely only on signals that can be microseconds in error and system still tolerates this error GPs however is ruined by these narrow pulses

Comment Re:Use different passwords for different things (Score 1) 330

They that is account provider can easily use delays and lockout an account after too many tries. 10 would work nicely. After 10, lockout account for 15 Minutes or more , GPU attack is now dead in water Oh account holder is locked out too? Yeah call that an attack alert feature. The question is how often does this mass attack happen to any one account? .

Comment Re:why just the kindle? (Score 1) 182

Not necessarily for example if they used fake or Gray /black market parts so prevalent today, they may not have the same resistance to x-ray radiation at the more expensive legitimate parts. Do they even have any engineers on staff who can Identify fake parts ? Do they even test for those ? Major manufacturers and Military have had such problems It would be foolish to think a consumer company cant have even worse problems We also shouldn't assume they used these parts deliberately but who knows ?

Comment Re:Internet? (Score 1) 203

Yes :but the way I see it The mistake is that the USB stick isn’t unique for every device . Having PLcs USB boot and run in a standard manner is Excellent for development, but carrying that direct to a Mission critical product very bad, Stuxnet wouldn’t likely work if devices weren’t using standards . An easy fix might be to "exclusive OR" every y byte of the USB stick with some number and Format it with a proprietary method , known only to that device

Comment Re:Conficker again? (Score 1) 28

Which begs the question This is is a well known malware . Every major antiviral software claims to detect and remove it. So either A) The anti-malware manufactures and those who market it are liars and Frauds. or B) people who get infected are Ignorant , stupid or lazy and just don't use good updated AV software . Which is it is it.?

Comment Re:So... what? (Score 1) 468

AC Versus DC proves little , unless we know the Current equivalents , Just because DC tortures the animals is not relevant unless the current passing though them is the same as that of AC , The current that kills with AC wilt also kill with DC , the heart is stopped relative to Current flow, , not whether the Voltage is AC or DC . DC means the AC is rectified and filtered that's all. Either AC or DC can Kill Anything Dead !

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