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Comment Re:What's the angle? (Score 3, Funny) 243

Before you go pushing your agenda to bash Microsoft get some facts right. Firstly sorry Microsoft changed product name from MS CRM to Dynamics CRM a few years ago. Secondly, Dynamics CRM is available as a software as a service just like Sales Force. The only requirement for this model is an internet connection and internet explorer. However many businesses still like the idea of owning software so the tool is available for on premise installation which is the choice for most enterprise solutions. Any serious software roll out will require consultants and customizations because no out of the box solution can cater for all business processes. Small business can be up and running without customizations and consultants using the base Dynamics CRM sales, marketing and service modules. Disclaimer, Yes, I am a Dynamics CRM consultant and just wanted to give what I truly believe is a great business software a fair chance.

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