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Comment Re:Enact the assault sword ban! (Score 2, Insightful) 579

If that were the case the baddies would have had more than a box-cutter. If they let people carry, say guns on a plane, even if the hijackers used another passenger as a shield, and put a gun to their head, would another armed passenger try a shot? In a pressurized plane? Maybe the flight that crashed in PA wouldn't have crashed, but I do think weapons on planes would cause more injuries and deaths over time.

Comment Re:"and it will be rolled out free of charge. " (Score 1) 170

They're gouging the hell out of casual players. When was the last time they ever added anything for casuals, (read: those who don't have to "clock in" for a raid or arena)

I haven't been paying attention for the last 14 months, but in the 3 years I played, the only and last one was Dire Maul.

Also, if you've been playing since release and bought the expansions, you've paid $700 (50 mo x 15 + 50 x 2). Since when was $700 reasonable for a game?

You can do every quest, instance and raid in the new xpac with 10 or less people. I feel I've gotten more than $700 worth from the game and I have rarely played more than 10 hours per week since the release of BC. I have saved hundreds by not buying console games that I knew I would not play because of WoW. If you are still buying other games, it probably isn't worth that much money.

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