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Comment Re:So where's the "require" part? (Score 5, Informative) 367

which sounds like it would, at most, require "online platforms" to allow the use of national ID cards as credentials, but says nothing about requiring users to use them as credentials.

Not even that. Page 11 of the document says what the European Commission is planning to do:

"In order to empower consumers and to safeguard principles of competition, consumer protection and data protection, the Commission will further promote interoperability actions, including through issuing principles and guidance on eID interoperability at the latest by 2017. The aim will be to encourage online platforms to recognise other eID means — in particular those notified under the eIDAS Regulation 39 — that offer the same reassurance as their own."

So, no requirements, only encouragements. And even if it would propose any requirements, every law the Commission proposes still has to make it through the European Parliament.

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