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Comment Re:If You're Late to the Party (Score 1) 609

you don't need a static IP, all phones support remote messaging directly to the device (in the form of toasts when the app is closed, or raw data transfer when the app is opened). And it most certainly supports remote wipe in addition to other nice features like "find my phone" which is available via the windows phone Live portal.

Comment Re:I still want it in PDA form. (Score 1) 609

All "indy" developers, whether game or app, have full access to the windows phone 7. You can make an xbox game, and assuming you use the right APIs, port it directly to the phone. Of course you wouldn't want to do that since it's a different form factor, but you can share all of the code (physics, graphics, ai, etc.). And if your game is good enough, it'll be picked up by the xbox live managed platform program, and you can integrate xbox live, achievements, leaderboards, and gamerpoints.

Comment Re:Keep a cat out when it has a mouse?? (Score 2, Informative) 140

I read this story a *long* time ago, but I remember that someone built a cat door that used a webcam to capture the silhouette of his cat as he entered the cat door. The software would look at the shape, and use a computer learning algorithm to "recognize" the cat ... that way, when he tried to enter with a mouse in his mouth, it would block him. It also had the effect of keeping out raccoons because it obviously wouldn't fit the profile

Comment Scamming the Scammers (Score 1) 210

Who's to say that since all these people are likely infected by some malware, that some of that malware isn't auto downloading/clicking on some of this spam? I mean, the people sending out the spam are already lowlifes, why wouldn't they scam their own clients (the spam products) to boost their own clickthrough ratios ;-)
The Military

Acoustic "Superlens" Could Make Subs Invisible 136

Al writes "Nicholas Fang and colleagues at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have created the first acoustic superlens, which could be used to create high-resolution ultrasound images, and perhaps ultimately make subs and ships invisible to sonar. Researchers have previously developed materials that bend light in ways that appear to violate the laws of physics, creating so-called optical superlenses. The acoustic superlens consists of an aluminum array of narrow-necked resonant cavities filed with water — the dimensions of the cavities are tuned to interact with ultrasound waves. When ultrasound waves move through the array, the cavities resonate and the sound is refocused."

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