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Comment Data-Alien (Score 1) 142

The data-alien is touching down all over the planet! Oh what fun! Data and computation and evolutionary principles grow into conscious-like clouds of swirling people posts and product purchases. There really are no countries anymore; just money looking for fine places to grow. Who would have thought that money has a mind of its own? Luckily we humans need our money plants and the data-alien just like we need our laws and list of friends. Oh the poetry of our modern times. There is no east versus west, only money doing its thing where it finds itself. The world is just a bunch of people coexisting with money and data - just fine I think.

Comment 9th Plague (Score 1) 323

When Egypt goes dark it is best to evacuate your firstborn out of the country! Really, the population of Earth is at such a size that we should be witnessing the rise of more geniuses than we have seen throughout the whole of human history. This should be a time of peacefully working out our past karma and past prejudices and preparing the way for a new generation of spirited helpers and builders. We are one Earth population, any country filled with people in pain is our own pain.

Comment Important Diplomacy (Score 2) 279

Us: We humbly welcome you to our solar system in peace!

Them: Cute, our food is trying to say something to us!

Us: Please don't hurt us!

Them: Aha, food with a message, kind of like the fortune cookies mentioned in their "All you can eat, galactic, we are here for your dining pleasure, Earth is number 1 your bestest restaurant," beacon they have been sending out for the last 100 years.

Us: I think you are looking for the dolphins ...

Them: We wish to start with the one you call Lucy. We have a good feeling we are going to love her as opening appetizer! And where is this so called Island of Gilligan?

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