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Comment "HOW TO" problem-solving, user-teaching searches. (Score 1) 276

Not a web-page retrieval search, but a solutions retrieval.
I'd like to start with a query and have the engine then ask me some questions. More than disambiguation, I want it to discern the breadth and depth of my knowledge along the answer line. Then have the engine teach some basic (missing) foundation and fill in my holes up to the topic.
We could dialog back and forth, exploring solutions and arriving at the best ones for me.

"How to provide a smart power grid for distributed 2-way customers?" Which would work into monitoring and anticipating power generation/draw, placement and sizing of transformers, capacitors &, conductors, surge and safety, redundancy, weather, balancing, and even pricing models.

"How to minimize crime?" Which would work into size and type of scenario (home, business, city, country), laws. Models of culture, education vs crime. What do you mean by "crime"? Minimum levels of freedom, police, education. Even neonatal nutrition and care and their impact on crime.

Submission + - DARPA Bootstrapped Learning (darpa.mil)

JoeTechie writes: "DARPA has another challenge. Saw it in WIRED, but it is quite old already. First response was January 2007.
Build an electronic student that can learn anything with no new programming.
More than your old Machine Learning program that gets better at one thing your new system should be able to learn new tricks with no interventions by you. (So the military can teach it that killing is good?)

Bootstrapped Learning Description
http://fs1.fbo.gov/EPSData/ODA/Synopses/4965/BAA07 -04/BLDescription.pdf

Bootstrapped Learning Proposer Information Pamphlet
http://fs1.fbo.gov/EPSData/ODA/Synopses/4965/BAA07 -04/BLPIPfinal.pdf"

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