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Comment Re:The guy was ripping off leftpad (Score 1) 480

Did you read even the synopsis? He had a module named the same as a Instant Messaging program. The IM program lawyers insisted that that module be pulled (it didn't do IM). When it was pulled he got frustrated and pulled everything he did from the repository. He didn't "dump it into the public domain". He chose a name that someone else had used.

Comment Re:Changes require systematic, reliable evidence.. (Score 1) 336

Easements are only paid for once (usually prior to any building occurs) and the city/village gets the money. Courts generally assume easements are created to last forever, unless otherwise indicated in the document creating the easement. http://realestate.findlaw.com/land-use-laws/easement-basics.html

Comment Re:Because "How dare he" (Score 1) 419

Yes, lets teach our kids that war http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cambodian_genocide is always bad, that there is no good reason http://bergen-belsen.stiftung-ng.de/ (german) for war. That a kind human being http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adolf_Hitler,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pol_Pot would never unjustly war upon people. So when the next meglo-manical dictator comes along with the urge to rule the world, lots of little "war is bad" people will refuse to fight http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neutral_powers_during_World_War_II and make everyone's job easier.

Comment Re:Citation, please. (Score 1) 291

Explain (Precisely, please) what YOU will accept as evidence of a dream remember Randi has a 2 way street here, both sides agree on the protocol and what is considered as proof.. Please provide PROOF that you have said million dollars available to give me, sorry but as you said above.. "If you can't offer any evidence, then just say so."

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