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Comment Re:Delta II blew up in 1997 (Score 0) 149

The crack was in the solid rocket booster and once lit, it cannot be shut off. The liquid fuel engine, all launch vehivles have them, can be shut off by turning off the fuel pump thus starving it of fuel. All of today's rockets are bolted to the launch floor. Even with full thrust the rocket cannot take off until the bolt are cut. These are called pyrobolts because they have explosive which is used to sever the bolts.

Comment I Use Bing for the Picture (Score 1, Interesting) 405

I see no difference between the two search engines. However I like Bing presents a beautiful picture everyday. It's unobtrusive. The only time I use Google is to check my Gmail. I stopped using Google when Google link my Youtube to Google and killed all of my Youtube settings. Since both are the same, I rather not support Google for giving me a hard time. Like some has posted earlier, search engine is just a commodity. Google seem to go out of its ways to pissed of long time customers.

Comment Re:What can go wrong... (Score 1) 159

This is such limited thinking. The Internet was developed so the military can communicate between different system rather than receiving radio or telephone call. The main point was to issue the kill command as quickly as possible. Yet the system become something opposite. It united people to the degree mankind never before experienced. This concept, when realized, will be such a life saver too. Imagine you can build tall buildings with no real people except for the avatars. How about mining. Also how about deep sea discovery. At the moment undersea robots have such limited mobility that it cost so much to control them. Having an avatar will expand our undersea science tremendously. Also talking about deep sea gas and oil drilling. We have to construct the monstrous oil platform just to support gas/oil drilling. Imaging all of these structure are underwater and only require avatar to maintain the facility and can make repair if need. In many countries, the demographic is getting older. Manual labor will become more difficult. Avatar will help here too. You can work in your old age with minimal physical exertion. I thought the technical crowd is more forward thinking than this. Yet you guys complain about 7mil which everyone agree is a drop in a bucket. How about

Comment India Will Produce the Fighte (Score 5, Interesting) 600

The real story is India gets the rights to produce the French Rafale. France will transfer their technologies to India so they can build the airplanes themsellves. There is no way the US State Department will allow that transfer of stealth technology to India. This has been the sticky point with India.

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