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Comment What happens when the internet is down though? (Score 1) 200

Can I compose email offline the way I can with Outlook in cached mode? Say if I'm waiting between flights and can't get a WIFI signal, or if I'm stranded because Verizon blocked my tether ability (true story)? I'm not trolling, what happens when that goes down? Does this mean that you can DoS a business's SOHO router / firewall to shut them down for the day because they won't be able to run WORD, Outlook, ERP, etc...?

Comment I'll take mine with Extra anchovies please! (Score 1) 151

Did anyone else think of that old 80's movie with Patrick Dempsy in it, "Loverboy" when they saw this title? One of the wives that he was taking care of had a husband who was into home security. and his security device was a toy robot that shouted, "Intruder....very bad boy....INTRUDER!" in an obnoxious chinese sounding voice. Hillarious.

Comment Easy to avoid! (Score 1) 297

Well this seems fairly easy: - Get one of those INFRARED HATS and wear them around town: - After you park at a meter or illegally, cover your license plates and window registration They are probably doing this to cut costs AND increase profitability (no more foot soldiers and wrote more summonses!), but if the minority starts protecting themselves thusly, there won't be much they can do about it since they will have pulled the foot soldiers.

Comment Easily prevent abuse [spam] in a very simple way (Score 1) 325

This could very easily be used securely without wasting ink, I think ... the simplest prevention may be the best. If this were implemented, even in a public environment, it could be very easily controlled to prevent SPAM. Let's say a hotel has a courtesy printer in the business center, with a public email address, to be used in the method intended in this announcement. From some of the comments, nothing could be asking for abuse more clearly ... BUT, if the printer received an email to be printed, rather than just PRINTING IT, a simple LCD message of: "Print job received via email, press CONFIRM to print now." and if CONFIRM isn't pressed within [timeout threshold], the message is purged from printer storage and NOT printed. Seems pretty simple, I might create a printer line myself doing just this if HP gets it wrong ... you saw it first on Slashdot. Seems like a great idea....

Comment Re:(IANAL) Could this be used as a defense? (Score 1) 680

Well, logic has to start simple, so why not from (as you put it) a first grade level? This copyright bull is made so intentionally complicated so that simple won't get around it. Try reading "The Republic" by Plato and you'll see that simple logic often times beats the complicated situation in most cases.

There just HAS to be a way to stop this bullying.

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